what is your favourite 5 magicians in the world

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  1. And Marlo is a juggler, ok.
  2. Vernon

    That would prolly cover it
  3. In no particular order:

    Top Four (departed):
    - Cardini
    - Fred Kaps
    - Dai Vernon
    - Tommy Wonder

    Top Five (alive):
    - Juan Tamariz
    - Bill Malone
    - Lennart Green
    - Daryl
    - Dani DaOrtiz
  4. Three pages and no mention of Houdini or David Copperfield?

  5. No particular order

    Dai Vernon
    Wayne Houchin
    Daniel Madison
    Dan Sperry
    Michael Ammar
  6. in the words of the professor "houdini didn't do magic, he did escapes".... just saying. Copperfield i enjoy but i've always preferred and been more influenced by close up magicians.
  7. History disagrees with that statement.

    One man's viewpoint on something does not make it fact or absolute.
  8. true, but you have to admit, when you think Houdini, you dont think " i remember that one effect or illusion he did" you remember the escapes, so my point was more that he isn't the first person in your head as a magician, at least not to other magicians.
  9. In no particular order:

    Dai Vernon
    Dan Sperry
    Juan Tamariz
    Wayne Houchin
    David Williamson

    If gambling sleight knowledgeable people were allowed in their own sub-category, Jason England, Steve Forte, Darwin Ortiz, Richard Turner, and Erdnase would have made it. Even though nobody knows who Erdnase is, I'm speculating what he'd be like based off of the vast amount of working sleight-of-hand in EATCT.
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    Some of these guys aren't magicians.

    1. Steve Forte
    2. Mr. Z
    3. Ricky Jay
    4. Darwin Ortiz
    5. Harry Lorayne

    If I could add one more it would be Scarne.
  11. Dai Vernon
    Ricky Jay
    dan and dave
    chris kenner
    chad nelson
  12. 1.Chris Brown
    2. DAve &Dan
    3.aaron fisher
    4.Ed Marlo
  13. Lennart Green
    Rene Lavand
    Juan Tamariz

    Last one's tough so I'm just gonna leave it at that
  14. Guy Hollingworth
    Jason England
    Paul LePaul
    Bill Simon
    Bill Goodwin

    It's really hard to settle on just 5 people.

  15. I think its weird that so many thinks that Chad Nelson is one of the best magicians ever.
  16. Meh. Magic follows trends just like everything else. Heaps of sheep think that Stephanie Meyer is a good author and that pop music on the radio nowadays is somehow good.
  17. I lol'd. Well said my friend.
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    I think you meant "[Houdini] isn't the first person in your head as a magician, at least not to other magicians who aren't well read." ;)

    Vanishing Elephant, Metamorphosis, Needle Swallowing... Houdini built his name mainly with his escapes, yes, but he had quite a few magic pieces that he was known for as well. Near the end of his life he was focusing as much on magic as he was escapes. Talk to some people who actually knew him personally, or worked with him, or just read one of the many great books out there on him and I think you'll have a greater appreciation for Houdini's accomplishments as a magician. Also, keep in mind that his escapes were often seen as magic--some people believed he could dematerialize and that was how he accomplished his "impossible" escapes. There was a real mystery presented when Houdini's did his escapes.

    It is with good reason that Criss Angel is trying to "beat Houdini's record" for a straight jacket escape on Oprah, and is constantly trying to recreate and outdo Houdini's escape feats on his TV show; and that David Blaine references Houdini in almost all of his specials (including his last one where he visited Houdini's former New York residence) and has "A Latter-Day Houdini -The New York Times" printed in big font on the back of his DVD, Fearless--because 84 years after his death Houdini is still the most widely recognized name in magic.
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    It´s a bit OT, but do you know that H.P. Lovecraft has written a novelette with/about Houdini?
    It´s called 'Imprisoned with the Pharaos' or 'Under the Pyramids' and worth reading.
    And there´s a 3D-Software named after him.
  20. Ditto, I also can't believe Dan & Dave got mentioned so many times, with only one mention of both Harry Lorayne and Guy Hollingworth.

    But, like someone else said, it's all about trends. I seem to remember a similar thread a few years ago where Daniel Madison was mentioned a lot. Funny how he only came up a few times in this one...


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