What mentalism tricks are good?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by freedom92, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. As from the title, which and what mentalism tricks are good?
    Artist, tricks anything.

    Well, Banachek and Richard Osterlind are my favs.
    Their tricks are great.
    Any good tricks to recommend?
  2. E.I by Luke Jeremay! :)
  3. Where do you want to perform, and what sort of effects are you into?
  4. It also depends on your skill level. You could start with 13 steps to Mentalism.

    If you search in the products section you can find a lot of threads on this topic that may help answer some of your questions.
  5. Personally, I think the simplest effects are the best. The ultimate mentalism trick is to get someone to think of anything, a word, a picture, a song, whatever, and then tell them what they're thinking of. I see most mind-reading effects as an approximation of this, maybe with a kicker at the end, or with a more convoluted plot, but essentially that's what's going on.

    Therefore, my favourite mentalism effects are a book test and a card force. As long as you frame them in the right way they can be absolutely mind-blowing, because they genuinely appear to be an act of pulling information out of their brain. PM me if you want me to run through my handling and presentation of these effects.
  6. Wayne Houchin's Stigmata is an awesome trick. Great reactions too.
  7. Well, i am into mind reading.
  8. Anything by Luke Jermay. You just have to love his stuff.

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