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  1. I just got informed about a coffee house and I was planning on auditioning except auditions are tomorrow. All I have at the moment are cards.I know what I am doing for the actual show I just need something for the audition. Could you guys help me out? I was thinking about a prediction trick where their selected card was in a sealed envelope but that seems a bit too boring I dont know
  2. Use the sealed envelope idea, except instead of using a deck of cards, don't use one at all. Equivoque the card to make it seem as if the spectator came up with the prediction.

    Just a thought.
  3. If you know "The Advocate" by Daniel Madison, I highly suggest using it.
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  4. Why don't you do a piece from your show?

  5. What is your absolute best card effect? Use that. For an audition, you want to be doing something powerful that you know well enough to do in your sleep. You don't want to take new magic to something like that.

    Even better if you can string your 3 best effects into a routine, but if your audition is tomorrow, your prep time is almost too limited.

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