What type of decks do you like?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RobinW5, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. I'm working on a desinge on a deck of cards and I was wondering what you guys are looking for when buying cards.

    Do you look for funny, classy, serious or just high quality decks? would also love to hear some designe ideas!!!:D
  2. just normal cards you can do magic with.
  3. I like cards that:
    - are not out of stock after a few days, weeks, months or even years.
    - offer a whole collection of gaffed cards, parlour cards and so on
    - I can use for many years to come.
    - are usable and flexible in use.

    Oh wait, I already found them ;)
  4. Oooo, I got this one! You're talking about JAQK Red Edition, right? Or is it Jerry's Nuggets???
  5. Hey Robin,

    USPCC prints all cards on the same stock now, used to prefer Bee decks... But I digress..
    There is a serious market for playing cards right now. I believe magicians like cards that people are used to seeing, Bicycle, Bee, maybe Talley-Ho. Cardistry has brought out some cool designs though. I see the "simplistic" design ruling right now, Madison, NOC, Fontaine.. sometimes less is more. Check out the kick-starter pages, see what has been funded, see what theory11 is producing now. Foil, metalic, embossed, all options. Dan and Dave have awesome designs as well... I think a good approach would be to do some more research, come up with a design and start getting feedback on that... and make sure you love it! I wish you well sir, and keep us updated.
  6. Honestly, I will only use red and blue bicycles. Whenever I use any special looking decks, people think they are trick decks. Now decks like the ones sold here on T11 are dope as hell, and are awesome for cardistry. But, again. I enjoy me a nice blue bicycle. Wish they made them with the rider back boxes still, haha. Sorry that I didn't really put much input into what to create for you. Something clean and practical. Not too much going on on them.
  7. Keep it simple and clean. Anything too out of the ordinary will make the audience suspicious.
  8. Cards that have/are:
    • Bicycle stock
    • Standard faces that don't cause suspicion
    • Inexpensive
    • Can faro and fan very well
    • A design that's intriguing but doesn't draw attention
  9. I love cards, period, particularly Monarchs (T11) and the array of Madison decks (e). I REALLY like the Roadhouse deck at (e), a gamblers dream.

    But as has been mentioned, custom decks can be construed by laymen to be gimmicked, etc, and Bicycles are very disarming in that respect.

    On that note, the new Standards infuriate me with the extreme variance from batch to batch and that PUG FUGLY ADVERTISEMENT for some useless app splattered all over the actual box print. WTF were they thinking?!

    Anyhow, I found that the Richard Turner Gold Seal Bikes are absolutely AMAZING if you like Bikes. They are:

    Reasonably priced
    Use Bee stock
    Traditional cut (front to back) using the original equipment from the Erlanger KY plant (pre Standard)
    Have the original 808 jokers and BOXES
    Have a custom finish that is perfection.
    They faro like a machine right out of the box
    And last an incredibly long time.

    Otherwise I like Bee's a lot, thick stock, great finish, durable, borderless and reasonably priced.

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