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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brewery Rabbit, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. First off: A fond hello to everyone. It has DEFINITELY been a hot minute since I've posted anything on here.

    Second: Whatever happened to Daniel Garcia??! I half follow him on twitter (I don't speak bird, so its hard for me to get on there) and feel like i rarely hear his name around anymore. I've always been a fan of his innovations and his take on things. Both him and WH have always been my go to guys, simply because they have that.. erm.. Fun Factor.

    I've been off the boards for a couple of years *Single tear and violin music* so i'm a bit out of the loop here.

  2. Danny is still definitely around! I was kinda thinking the same thing there for a while, but he's always posting on Facebook; I just asked his opinion on an idea just about a month ago and he responded and chatted with me about it. He's completely bald now, which was a shock at first! He did an At The Table Lecture about a year ago, and from his posts, he seems to have been traveling sorta frequently, just doesn't seem like we've seen anything released by him in a while. But I'm right there with you, DG and WH are so much fun to watch banter with each other, I hope we see Danny release some new stuff someday soon.
  3. Yeah if you haven't I'd check out his At the Table Lecture. He's got a handful of newish stuff on there.

  4. Oh sweet!! Where can one find that lecture??
  5. He does a lot of consulting so that probably takes up most of his time.

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