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  1. its not that is A c/s routine. that would be silly. the fact is its his particular c/s routine. credit is not given where its due as it has someone elses name in the title.
  2. well this just blows the hype right out. I made a post about how theory 11 copied other's work and claimed it as their own "revolutionary, underground magic" and a moderator immediately deleted it. He said it was because what I wrote was untrue, but now that it's been proven that it IS true, I wonder why my post was REALLY deleted?

  3. Odd, i read a similar post that was made years back, with, clearly, no mention of DD, as it was years ago.

    I did not see this post.

    Mind you I had not seen much from Steve in a while now, which is why I was not surprised to not hear from him yet on this matter.
  4. others have ripped him off thats one reason you never hear from him. he told me he only sells to a list of people he compliled to stop the coping of his work
  5. Yeah, I had heard most of that, which was why I was surprised with his Downloadmagic site.

    Mind you, I'm not complaining, it had one of the best card on [in] ceiling effects I've ever learnt.
  6. T11 not gonna sound their opinion?
  7. this was said on the 2nd page of this thread by the thread poster after doing research and clearly stating that he was done. i'm guessing he changed his mind. why are you people still arguing about this??
  8. warlock this was after i talked to BJ on the phone. in that call i gave him the benifit of believeing what he said. that was ebfore i got to see the origonal routine. it was bad judgment on my part to listen to him, but i want to beleive that people not as bad as they are. no one is augueing this any longer. i have come here and answered questions such as this.

    adn to be frank, most of us that give half a crap are of the same accord on this, the only oppoistion iv heard is RL friends of BJ, and people who think they "wouldn't do somthing like that"
  9. thank you for the clarification.
  10. i have a question are ANY of the theory 11 one-trick DVD gimmicks original?

    I mean,i'm sure the routines are slightly new like they have slightly different handlings or whatever, but are any of the gimmicks original?

    I have heard the coins, the changing "sliding card", and the panic gimmick are ALL from many years back.
  11. Panic is the only new idea/product that T11 carries. Distortion and Digital Dissolve have all been sold or published elsewhere; not the case with Panic. Props out to you, Aaron!
  12. What is original about Panic? I am guessing it is just Aaron's handling of the gimmick that is new there.

    Lee Asher's release is actually a re-release from his Thinking Out Loud booklet in DVD format. TOL is $12 by the way and you get 6 effects/sleights with it.

    The 1-on-1 sessions....tricks/sleights from Kenner's book in video format.

    All in all, a major letdown in my opinion given all the hype leading up to this site coming online.

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    Um, where have you seen the gimmick before?

    Ok, technically you could say it is a variation of a gimmick that Josh Jay popularized, however it is still very different in its design and its use. You could see the two side by side and they would look nothing alike.

    I have not seen this gimmick before, nor an effect quite like Panic. Well, yes, there are plenty of vanishing decks, but still, nothing like Panic.

    EDIT, I mixed up Fearson with Deusheck .

    Infact,I did a few times i the thread, with the Download magic site reference.
  14. I'm not sure on this, but I'm guessing Todd Lassen is selling the gaff because he was the the machinist for Bob Kohler's U3F, and Bob had permission from Steve Dushek.

  15. Response please T11. Trying to make this thread bury under threads?
  16. I dont think anyone is trying to bury this.

  17. Read the posts after that post.
  18. Here is a bit of an education on this entire matter from Marc DeSouza on the Cafe:

    Hopefully this clears up many of the questions people have had and refutes a few claims that have been posted in this thread thus far. I don't know if Marc is even a member of these forums but I doubt he is going to comment on this again. Likewise I am done commenting and arguing on this as well as most of my questions have been answered.

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    Wow! Thanks Mr. Jim! and Mr Desouza!

    I'm not going to give my opinion, as i don't really know anything on this matter...

    HOWEVER, I don't see any of the T11 homies arguing against this, so so far, i have to side against them...


    P.S. Panic is original and Aaron Fisher is awesome.

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