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  1. Well, in my post I decided not to put it like you did... but I pretty much agree with what you just wrote.
  2. You know something?

    I just lost a lot of respect for Theory 11. Until they can give us a proper answer to Digital Dissolve's originality, I still stand that T11 is at fault.

    You know something else?

    For those who remember and know me, I was one of those people who looked at T11 and thought "Let's make it happen" and "I trust these people in making T11 advance magic". Now, I am beginning to think otherwise.

    This is going to sound bad, but I think that the T11 artists (Mr Asher, the Buck Twins, Mr Fisher, Mr Kenner, Mr Bich etc) were all kind of "pulled in" to T11 with high promises. They're hired as artists and nothing more - providing the effects T11 needed. At this point, I still have full trust in them - these people had given us good products in the past. So why does it seem to be so bad now?

    If there's a problem with T11, it has to lie in the head of T11. Or at least the head team.

    And you know what I am talking about. I am trying hard not to offend anyone...

    I am beginning to distrust Mr Bayme and his team's credentials.

    - harapan. magic!
  3. i have not made a real comment in a while but what i find questionable is the "we don't know yet" front that is being put on. we know from credable sources that jamie schoolcraft feels bad about this and was not aware of the product being paired with gaffs, only that a quantity was needed for a low cost for sale on this site, if you didn't know what you were doing was wrong why the cloak and dagger approch to obtaining them? jamie is a stand up guy and i doubt if you said, we are released our un-authorized version of steves trick and need 500 gaffed coins cheap, that he would have done it.

    also, i am a magic nobody yet iv talked to steve, bj, and 3 others in the know that don't want to be named in this mess and i was able to gather information, even though i had to pile through some lies and confusion that you can see from previous posts in this thread. i find it hard to beleive people with a real name in magic, is having a harder time then i getting the answers
  4. they're probably having a hard time because they're trying to find an answer that doesn't implicate them some how. the answers out there, right now, expose theory 11 as a cloning site that takes old tricks and wraps them up in shiny new packaging and hype.
  5. I wish I could disagree with this... I really am trying to. Sadly, alas I can not. ::sigh::
  6. Thinking the same thing, it's simply ellusionist all over again from the same people..

    And yes, I'm still hoping atleast Asher, Fisher and the Bucks get out of this clean somehow. (No disrespect to the other artists, but these are the ones I "know", and from what I know these should have nothing to do with stuff like this.)
  7. i don't put much blame in many of the artist personally. i know they have no real control and are contratual obligated, but i must wonder if they will stick around after said contract ends
  8. Lately I've been trying to decide what the right thing to do has been... and let me tell you, its frickin' hard! :( For instance, I've been reading lots of forums and such, and from my information, Schoolcraft ripped a couple of things from Lassen. I originally saw Schoolcrafts' stuff, and thought it was cool. I also found that its cheaper than Lassens' stuff, but if the above information is true... do I shell out the extra cash and do what is "right"? Or do I take the low road and keep a little pocket money?

    Now for the topic discussed in here... If the information is true (some overlapping going on here) that Schoolcraft has the permission to make these gaffs, and Lassen doesn't, but Schoolcraft didn't know that these gaffs that he must have sold to T11 for a pretty low price, was going to paired with a DVD, do I buy the gaff from Schoolcraft and try to figure out the method in the DVD, or do I keep an extra 30 bucks in my pocket and take the DVD and gaff from t11?

    If only the right decision was cheaper!!!:rolleyes: Ah well....

    Please respond (also if someone could pm me just to tell me what the gaff is named, so I can figure out just how much morality is going to cost me...)
  9. Posted by Steve Dusheck over here http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=227479&forum=202&start=90

    "Once my latest health problem is resolved I intend to start making my gimmicks again since no one can even copy them properly. I do not sell to any magic dealers so I don't have to sell wholes sale at 50% to 60% off the retail price. That means I hope be selling my gimmicks for about $15.00 with printed instrustions that will include additional routines. For those of you who insist on DVD instructions I will have an optional DVD available for about $5.00."

    You should take a look at the rest he wrote btw, but just to answer your question, about 20$ to do the right thing if you can hang on a few it seems :)
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    yooooo i just read that link in the magic cafe, Thats crazy!!!! T11 better not delete that link unless they really got something to hide. If thats true then I would hope what goes around comes around. Sad yall, really sad.

    AND still no REAL answer from T11... good way to dodge the bullet, Bayme. Cute little post about how you strive for this and that then still hope it goes away? We waited, hows about a real answer?
  11. Mr. Dusheck, et al,

    After exhaustively speaking with everyone here at theory11, I have decided to completely suspend sales of Digital Dissolve until we fully resolve the issue with Mr. Dusheck. To keep everyone current with what's happening, at this time, we are still trying to resolve this delicate situation privately, respectfully, and professionally. As the CEO of theory11, I do take responsibility, and I am truly sorry.

    Please know I've only had pure intent from the beginning. When the situation first came to our attention, we began additional research and I promptly had a handwritten letter sent to Mr. Dusheck approximately four weeks ago in hopes of resolving the matter directly. I have still not received any response to this letter, and thereafter followed up with numerous emails and unsuccessful attempts to reach Mr. Dusheck by phone.

    Please understand that it was my intention (and still is) to reach out and resolve the matter directly, privately, and professionally with all parties involved before replying and discussing this on a public forum. It's important for us to make known theory11's position and situation regarding this matter so that a lot of false accusations, rumors, and hearsay are laid to rest.

    I work every day to resolve this issue. Chris and I attempted to contact Mr. Dusheck yesterday afternoon with no success. Only after his last post was I made aware of his delicate health issues. This can certainly account for a lack of response. Despite everything, I still truly wish to speak with him directly to express my apologizes for all the mistakes made and to "make good" on the situation.

    Again, please understand that it was my intent to resolve this matter privately before coming to the forums. On top of everything, trying to wrangle everyone on my team (artists and staff included) for a full discussion was quite an effort. It took longer than I expected, and I, like everyone else on our team - wanted this to be resolved weeks ago.

    Believe me when I say I want to make everything better-than-right for Mr. Dusheck.

    Mr. Dusheck, if you're reading this - I am willing to do anything it will take to make this right. If you will please give me five minutes of your time, you'll hear the sincerity in my voice.

  12. Thank you J. Maturity in a new born business is a beautiful thing and I applaud this reaction and decision given the current situation.
  13. Bravo Bayme.
    I'm sure it'll all work out just fine eventually, the important thing is that you're willing to bend over backwards to fix this. I don't think any of us expected any less from you.
  14. Finally some good news :)
    This should ofcourse have been done ages ago though, but better late than never.
  15. Thanks for the update JB. It takes a mighty set to admit you were wrong and you have my personal appreciation for what it is worth because of what you have done to correct this issue, most notably the suspension of selling this product. I am still not happy at the way this product came to be and for how long it was left up for sale after the initial reports came in about the origin of the effect itself. However, I can appreciate the position you found yourself in and I am thankful that you have attempted every effort of getting back on track here. I hope you are able to get in touch with Steve and come to some form of amicable resolution over this issue.


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    can you tell me what the problem is. I am a bit confused. why is DD suspended

  17. Well, there are some pretty strong speculations that the effect is completely stolen. It was created and crafted by an individual well known in the coin magic making industry. The full story is here and in the magic cafe. Short version, he never gave permission to sell his effect, but T11 released it anyways. Now he's pissed, and rightly so... kind of a shaddy move. But they pulled the product, which is the best thing they could have done at this point. If you want the effect it was created by Steve Dusheck and is called copper silver transpo... and its actually much cheaper.
  18. i have it already.
  19. im actually really impressed by theory 11 finally standing up and admitting responsibilty and pulling the product. putting ethics before $ basically. ALSO im impressed that they admitted the first guardians sucked, and worked at making the 2nd edition better. all in all theory 11 is looking better and better as a company. im still mad that they jacked decknique's media page tho because now we can't post new vids over there.
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    ok. i've read a lot of posts about DD and i just want to say one thing to josh barette... through this entre thread you where dissing DD and saying that it didnt deserve its place on teh site due to ethics. then you come out and name all the simmilarities and how you were wrong. THEN you kept on posting!!!. just stop it the point is is that DD does diserve its place on its site and it is deffinitely not the same as something else. it may have the same end result but the handling is different, the mechanics are different. and i'm on T11 side.

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