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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by joshua barrett, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. all i can say is LOL to josh barette, u talk too much
  2. ^ both you guys are what I call "theory 11-year-olds" you're not even reading the thread yet you chime in to say "u talk too much" to that someone that actually CARES about this stuff. this is what sux about t11 forums.
  3. ^ This is what I call a Decknique-11 year olds, err...
    I'm on your side, but seriously, almost ALL your post has something that disses T11. Now, I'm not a T11 freak but chill a bit.

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    All the name calling, back biting and nit picking is not going to solve the problem at hand which is a blatant disregard toward the true creator of this (any) effect!
    What is being passed off as Dig. Disolve is a rip off copy of Steve Dusheck's Copper/Silver Transposition plain and simple!
    The question now is what is T11 willing to do about it and when!
    I for one will not drop this issue until it is either resolved to Mr Dushecks satisfaction or until Steve himself suggests otherwise!
  5. you're a bit late to the party dude they already dropped the product. score one for ethics and integrity.
  6. I'm well aware that the product has been pulled however they are still advertising it as a T11 product created by BJ Bueno so nothing has been resolved yet!
  7. Where are they doing?
  8. Awww! They edited my post, hopefully Trashman got to see the "inappropiate and unproffesional" post before it got edited. Oh, and sorry to the mods for that post.
  9. ***Where are they doing?***

    Dark Angel,
    What are you asking?
  10. hes asking where they are advertising it. ads seem pointless though without the ability to buy the product.

    i'm more interested in how this bodes for the future of BJ Bueno as a t11 artist... we'll be watching "his" next release closely ;)

    dummy, I dont know if I saw your comment or not... uh, lets just assume I did and get mad. :( grrrrrr!!!!!!
  11. I was asking where they were advertising the effect still. My bad for leaving out words. :(
  12. T11 is still advertising it on their products page same as before except that they say it is "Temporarily Unavailable"! Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. This doesn't look good. This was just posted by Steve Duscheck over at the Cafe.

    By the way, the CEO claims he spent a whole day calling me and sent many E-mails that I did not answer. That is not true. It was just lip service as most of you surmised.
    He may be the CEO but he has no control on resolving the issue that they copied my trick without my permission. He is not really the man in charge so even if he really did send me an E-mail his words would onlys be words.

    It looks like the last post by Bayme was damage control. Any response to this T11?
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    thanks slight_of_hanede, my talking to much informed people of the truth and led to a discussion of this product that involved some of the biggest names in magic.

    my talking also was the beginning of it being pulled, while i think and hope that someone else would have started the conversation i took the first inititave and asked a simple question "whats different?"

    now i understand you support the stealing of a true genius in magics livelihood for the exchnage of a cool street magic website, but many of us do not. i only hope someday someone rips off either your idea, work, or the way you make a living.
  15. In all honesty and with respect to Steve Dusheck, any and all reference to Digital Dissolve should be removed from this site at this point. Leaving a product page up with the "Temporarily Unavailable" is misleading unless you plan to reissue this product without Steve's permission to use his effect and gaff.

    Right now this is nothing more than tumor in the heart of things that is threatening to spread to the rest of the body here. Instead of looking at it and wondering if it will spread wouldn't it be wiser to just cut it out now? I would rather see this dealt with swiftly and with a sure hand than see others create their own truths as to what is really going behind the scenes here.

  16. Just to keep everyone abreast, below is a link to my message that was posted on the Magic Cafe this morning. I have spoken with Marc Desouza and other mutual acquaintances again this afternoon, and have contacted Steve directly via a different email address for continued discussion privately. Jim, I appreciate your sincerity and thoughts, and all links to the product page on the site have in fact been removed. The only way of getting there at the moment is from Google or by knowing a direct link, and the only reason we've kept the actual product page on the server at all is so people who may have bookmarked it before know that the product is currently suspended until we are able to speak with and resolve the situation directly with Mr. Dusheck.

    Will continue to post updates as available, but please understand that I stand by every word posted last week and we are doing everything we know is right in hopes of resolving things swiftly. We understand through mutual acquaintances that his health is not back up to 100%, and nothing is more important than that.
  17. Actually, if you look on the theory 11 main page, scroll down to featured products on the bottom left and the product is still advertised and accessible.
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    The "Featured Products" was updated to reflect the change. If you clear your internet cache, you'll see that it's not there -- a digital illusion, if you will. All links to the product page on the site have been removed, as stated above.

  19. I stand corrected - thanks for clearing that up.

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