When do you know you are a professional?

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Answer to your question is : When you start making money". That is the whole definition of the word professional.. It has nothing to do with your ability as magician or how many slights or tricks you can do. When magic is your profession then you are a professional magician.

Cut the stupid discussion..
Sep 3, 2007
I was trying to get the general idea, but, um, yeah, you are a professional walker... Walking is pretty hard, you know, it took you a couple of months at least to master it when you were a baby, and babies have a much faster learning rate than adults.

If you play football, and you want the ball to move from point A to point B, a normal person will have to put a lot of effort, even unconsciously, to think about in which direction should he kick, how strong, etc.
However, a professional player will just think about getting the ball from point A to point B, and his body will do the motions for him, and usually he will also get it right.
Remember the first time you learned to do a double lift? You had to pay close attention to the feeling in your hand, and usually the cards separated from each other, and most of the time you didn't get it right. However, over time, you got more experience, and now all you need is to tell your body "lift two cards" and that's it.

I can give tons of examples from all sorts of places, but I'm sure you get the idea. Yes, you are a professional walker, so to speak, it's just not very impressive, because most of the people can do it. But not all people, let me tell you. My grandfather, for example, in his last years, had sometime forgotten how to walk, while walking.
And most of the people can throw a ball, but not all people can throw a ball and get it where they want it to be. That's professionalism.

Just because you can do the things a pro can, doesn't make you a pro... at all. But I'm going to add professional walker to my resume'... even though it makes no sense at all.
Jun 14, 2008
Las Vegas
dare ga nihongo wo shaberu?


Anyways, I just want to say what has been said over and over here. I'm a professional magician. 100% of my income for the past 4 years or so have been only from magic. I support my fiance and child, pay the rent and put gas in my car from magic. As for my skill in magic? I suck. Plain and simple. And so do a lot of so-called "professional" magicians. The word pro has almost a romantic quality to it. But it is nothing more than being able to live off you trade / skill.
Jul 26, 2009
You are proffesional when you get paid to do whatever it is you want to be a proffesional in. So if you get paid to do magic, technically it could be your proffesion, so you are proffesional.
Oct 2, 2008
I believe, a professional performer lies in the fact not within the value of earning income or having fame. But the ability to actually perform their craft well in a professional, unique, entertaining, meaningful, artful manner. It is the standard which determines the level of your status.

Not whether you earn or you get paid gigs. Or whatever it is. You are a pro, when magic has become yours. Everything else is just a side thing.

Why? Because your magic, is of elegant quality. Not rubbish. Thus you are pro.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Guys, please be mindful that there are two different meanings of the word.

Firstly, professional is an adjective which describes an employment status. The antonym here is "amateur". This is the strictest form of the word which simply means, a professional is someone who does what he does for money - i.e. is employed in magic. If you do not earn money, and I would go so far as to extend it further - if it is not your primary means of income, then you are not a professional.

Secondly, professional is an adjective to describe a mindset or a behaviour. The antonym here is "unprofessional". Without meaning to ignite any debates, Fawn Sharquhar* is an example - what many consider an unprofessional standard of behaviour. A magician who steals others' material is acting unethically and unprofessionally. A magician who does not care for his audience and is selfish acts unprofessionally. A magician who rocks up late to a gig, or is unorganised, or does not keep his personal hygiene (nails, for example) is unprofessional.

Just depends on the context. There are many professional amateurs, and many unprofessional professionals.
Apr 27, 2008
You really should hear to yourself.

There is a reason why your threads all turn into mash-fests. It's because of how horribly arrogant you come across.

Take step back, read what you've been writing, and slap yourself.

Stop being so pretentious, and look up a few times.

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