When do you throw decks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enzo, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hello people! I just want to ask when do you throw cards? Thanks!
  2. I am guessing you mean throw them away. I normally hang on to them as practice cards for a while after I retire them from performance. I retire them from performance when I start to see the edge of the face of the card getting dirty/oily.
  3. Ive been known to throw cards at co-workers to get their attention. Bounced one off the center of my supervisors eye glasses once too. Not bad since I was aiming for her left ear....

  4. Wow! That's so cool.
  5. I loved that pic! I actually use the same technique to get my co workers attention too, but my aim isn't that good so ill usually just aim towards the body haha. I got like half of the office in on "gator boots" haha

    Back on topic, I keep the old cards as practice/gaff decks. Its not too consistent but isometimes ill just stick them back in the cabinet and let them sit, I found that after a while they stiffen up enough to use as performance decks again too
  6. *comments posted twice, deleted extra post*
  7. The practice decks that I use are E decks and they last me a pretty long time. I can usually manage to make them last for about a month, if not more. I think that's a pretty decent amount of time considering it's a practice deck and I'm constantly dropping/bending the cards.
  8. Two logical answers, when they're so worn I can't use them or I don't want them anymore. I like to donate mine to charity to be handed out in third world countries.
  9. I go to a homeless shelter and donate them there. Those guys 'n gals love playing cards.
  10. That's awesome. What kind of charity is that?
  11. Salvation army didn't take mine said it promoted gambling but that was just one person not sure if that's policy.
  12. I don't remember. A friend went to India for 2 weeks to do aid work and she was given travel space allowance to take gifts.

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