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  1. I'm trying to find more opportunities to perform magic in front of people, and I'm running into a lot of problems finding the right time and place. School isn't the best setting, and I don't exactly go to a lot of parties. I live in the suburbs, so street performance would probably require travel. Not to mention I do mostly close-up card magic, which I'm not sure lends itself to traditional street performing anyway. I guess my question is, what do amateur magicians do, to get their work out there and create opportunities to perform for new people? What's the best way to move beyond performing for family and friends?
  2. Find that local hangout spot (the mall, the park, food court, bars, etc.) and just chill with a deck of cards. If you notice someone watching you and look interested, ask them if they wanna see something cool. Works just about every time!!! You don't have to travel far necessarily. Just need to know where the cool hangout spots are near you.

  3. Sounds good! I'll probably want to learn a few more fancy cuts and flourishes, as that's probably the weakest point in my card handling. I'll browse the Marketplace, see what looks good that's available free or cheap. Thanks!
  4. I must admit, I don't get out to perform in public much but I will say that after doing a bit of street magic, here's a few little tools that I found useful. Have a friend hold a camera whilst performing. A lot of people love the idea of being on tv. Also dress for what you are selling. Which is magic. I recommend black clothing, as you tend to get away with more. Also best advice I ever got is don't just do one trick, try to lead on with a reveal of something amazing. Let the reaction be your crowd drawer. Good luck mate, regards RJ
  5. Thanks for the tips!
  6. In addition to finding places to perform, I've also found it useful to create 3-trick routines. You basically create one or more routines composed of only 3 tricks each. Each routine contains 3 tricks that could go along together just fine if you mix them well. This should work for basic, intermediate, and advanced magicians in different ways. But it's the same idea. It's going to take many practices and performances to discover what would be the best routines of the ones you create. My best advice to become a better performer: get out and perform.

    Consider this for 2 or 3-trick routines:

    Another option would be:
    Invisible Card performed by having the spectator call a random person and telling them a random card. The card is then shown to be the only card face down in the pack of cards. Brilliant.

    Remember: Every time you approach a new group of spectators, they most likely have never seen the routine you're about to present. So be confident that if you do your best (after you feel ready, of course), you will make them happy and get hella good reactions.
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  7. How about a magic club? Look online for a local SAM or IBM club.
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  8. Nice use of the first trick to prep for the second, I like it. On the second trick, I'm impressed that he got the right card even though she chose the top. I'm not certain how he did that bit. Was he just lucky, and happened to have set up for the slip force? Or was he actually planning on having her picking the top card the whole time? I didn't catch any sign of a pass or side steal, but I might've missed something.

    I have seen the last trick before, but I'll admit, I don't know exactly how it's done. I'm pretty sure I know how parts of it work. Where can I find it?

    That gives me some ideas on how to build my own routine, thanks! I'll look into SAM or IBM clubs as well, but as far as I know there's not much magic that goes on in my area.
  9. To clarify, I understand the gimmick card he's using, but he still loses toward the end. I probably just need to watch it again.
  10. Apologies for multiple posts back to back. I ran out of time to edit, but I wanted to save myself from coming off as completely ignorant. In my defense, until now I wasn't familiar with any use of double facers. And the version I saw earlier had a bit more subtle misdirection, which also helps. Suffice it to say that I admit I was lost, but I've figured it out now, and I'm mentally slapping myself for asking dumb questions before simply giving it some deeper thought.

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