Where Are You Guys?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aaron.Williams, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Pärnu, Estonia.
  2. Currently I'm In Atlantic City NJ. in a few weeks I'll be Just outside of New Orleans, LA.
  3. cerritos, ca
  4. Hillerød, Denmark ;) !! (Northern europe)
  5. Thats so cool, me too. Never seen another magician in brooklyn.
  6. The most famous magician of modern times is from brooklyn. I think.
  7. St.Louis, MO.
  8. Talent, Oregon. Though people always seem to think I'm British.
  9. Toronto, Ontario.
  10. Smiths Station, AL
  11. Singapore - where all the flourishers are.
  12. I live inside a top hat down chop cup lane, which is in the UK.
  13. Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula in the UK :)

  14. Comon, no one in Massachusetts?

    I feel proud. Shin Lim was from my town...
  15. Idaho Falls (Rexburg) Idaho. Not many of us out this way.

  16. Stavanger Norway
  17. I live at 55 west 81 street, upper west side, in the american gardens building
  18. Chihuahua mexico :). Just over the border of El paso TX
  19. I hear you brother. I might be worse off though, Ive never met a magician nor seen a close up magic act in person.


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