Where you at?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ninja, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia
    17 years old

  2. Eureka, California.
  3. There's one in Michigan and most people in Michigan know where its located.
  4. From Waterbury, CT
    Go to film school in Boston
    18 yrs old
  5. 14, Philadelphia PA
  6. Really?!? Anywhere near Westfield? (ever even heard of it? Kind of a small town :p)

    It would be kick ass if I could get someone to do magic with, because NO ONE else in this town is into it.
  7. I remember passing through Union county on my way into NYC from McGuire AFB, and seeing a sign for it. That's about as close as I've ever been.
  8. Yeah... try Danny Garcia! haha
    He's always up for a magic session, just mesage him on myspace or something and tell up you want to meet up!
    And for me, Memphis, TN.

    Calvin Lauber
  9. I'm 14 and I live in Iowa, there's no one that's into magic here it seems.
  10. 25, Las Vegas.

    You never know when I might be in a city near you!
    (Unless you read myspace.... then I usually tell everyone.)

    Stay awesome.

  11. Zach, 12 Los Angeles.

    when dan and dave move to LA, it is my goal to meet them.
  12. 25, Indiana, US

  13. Edmonton Alberta Canada... go us.
    i might be heading up there or i should say down there in the next month or so.
    or If your ever up here we could sesh.
  14. hmm i was up in edmonton in september or october, but yeah if you come down PM me or add me on msn or aim or something and im sure we could get a few people together
  15. 17

    Sac-town CA
    where you at noah?
  16. cool is my turn...14 years old have two years doing magic .....new york city..ahh
    katie "call me";) jajajajajjaja nah realy.
  17. 15 and live in Glendale, California
  18. 21, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia :)
  19. 17, Fernley, NV

  20. You're joking right?

    Fer serious, you gotta be.

    I live in Westfield.

    What the fsck.

    PM me.

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