Which is a better 3 Fly Routine?

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  1. I noticed that Vanishing Inc. now was a 3 fly routine named Pretty Fly that looks like a pretty standard routine to add to my repertoire. I have quite a bit of coin experience, yet I've never learned a solid 3 fly routine. I was considering purchasing this when I noticed that the same website also sells Eric Jones' Mirage et Trois. I've never actually seen this whole routine but I've heard great things about it and I'm wondering which is recommended. Should I but Pretty Fly or pay the extra money and get Mirage et Trois?
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    Mirage et Trios is impromptu using only 3 coins. It will take a lot of practice to get it down like Eric. I've been putting the dvd in everyday

    With Pretty Fly you're gonna need a shell which will be easier sleight wise for you. I say get both!

    If you need to borrow coins or have half dollars on you mirage et tois will be perfect.

    I just wish I had SOFT coins to do Mirage Et Tois with.

    MET has more phases but PF is straight to the point and easier to do because it is less sleight heavy.
    In a working situation I would more go for PF.

    Sleight wise

    MET: Very sleight heavy, will take some practice
    PF: Well you need an extra something that dumbs down the sleights

    Phase wise

    MET: 3 glorious phases that mesh well
    PF: A simple yet beautiful one coin goes across to the other, very clean like. Classic 3 fly.

    Price wise:

    They both are very cheap, for PF you'll need to buy something extra. Mirage et tois half dollars are best to use. I'm practicing with Morgans.
  3. Thanks a lot for your advice. I still have a few questions though. Does MET require soft coins or does it just help. Also, is MET just as visual as Pretty Fly?
  4. Please note, Eric's Mirage et Trois does NOT use only three coins.
    My philosophy is this: if you're going to be using an extra coin, you might as well make the extra coin some sort of gimmick. An Expanded Shell, Flipper, or best yet a Sliding Shell work excellently.
  5. Just a quick question: What's a sliding shell? I've never heard of those.
  6. Very true Jeff, yet someone might not want to pay for the shell if they don't have one. People are different when it comes to gimmicks or no gimmicks. Some people love them, some people hate them, and some people only like specific gimmicks (me). I guess it is a personal preference.
  7. Your right my apologies!

    The visual coins across uses 4. I am so sucked into practicing the KKK vanish

    Remember using gimmicks isn't bad. It allows us to do something that isn't visually possible with sleight of hand.
  8. I think 3fly routines are really nice, yet there are ways of doing them with only 3 coins. On COINvention Chris Kenner and many other great names have a 3fly panel discussion. They all complained about the routine being so visual sometimes, that everyone is looking for the fourth coin, and it becomes a challenge for the spectator to look for it. I've noticed this problem as well when performing any type of coins across routine. Remember this when learning a 3fly, because more visual doesn't always mean better, and you have to have somewhere to go with the routine.

    Mirage Et Trios is a great place to start learning how to routine coin magic, much of what Eric does in the videos is actually discussed a bit in other places, but Eric just combined 3 routines together, and I believe the middle phase is his. If you are unfamilliar with how to routine coin magic, then get Mirage Et Trios, if you're an avid performer of coin magic and have your own routines, search around for a good 3fly that fits into a good slot in your routines.
  9. Sorry, I didnt want to create a new thread for this, but i hope its OK if I type this in here...

    Is there anywhere I can buy Menage et trois by Chris Kenner? I dont want to buy the entire book just for one effect. I googled it but all I found was links leading to TOOC and also alot of "other stuff".

    - Jenai

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