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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by georgetheshark, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. plzzzz telll me theory 11 going to be selling some more white centurions its to good a product not to sellll!!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure they arent printing anymore. It was a good marketing idea bc then the decks become rarer and thus worth more money. Plus, since people knew they wouldn't be available again they bought them up as fast as they could. I think they may be giving away in some contests in the future, they have recently
  3. hey how much u willing to pay for my white centurions i got them for free they r in min un opened selefane still on
  4. what are you offering
  5. It's a matter of marketing and branding. By having a very limited deck that's only available by gift or contests, they have created a mystique around that deck and thus themselves.
  6. Theory11= Ellusionist 2.0

    That should answer everything in life.
  7. true

    true that but what does that have to do with the White Centurions :)
  8. think about the gold arcane and the 1st black ghost.
  9. Hey guys,

    As a few of you have said, the White Centurions are reserved for contests and giveaways. I went ahead and locked this thread since it's starting to go off topic. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks. :D

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