White LE Bicycles.

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by 3AQ7, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I just purchased 2 decks of the White Bicycle "Limited Edition" Decks.

    Anyone else have them? What do you think about them?

    To me they feel a lot thinner as a whole deck. It doesn't feel like a whole deck compared to when I hold my Bee Stingers.

  2. I have them. Nothing too special, but they do remind me of a ghost deck in the corners of each card on the back.
  3. i got em like 2 weeks ago. I enjoy using them. They aint to bad but def not the best deck ive ever handled or came across
  4. They're alright. Handle about the same as Bicycle 'Standard' decks.

    They do look nice, I'm wondering when they'll make 2 of 10 (on the back it says 1 of 10.)


  5. Yah I saw that. Idk. If they do, A more intricate back design would be nice.
  6. I have these as well. The backs are nice more than anything. The lack of scrollwork is a bit iffy though.
  7. I hated these cards once I touched them. Background is meh and feel is horrible.
  8. You probably didn't handle them enough. I agree the background isnt really appealing, but they definitely feel and handle great.
  9. series 2 is out!

    You can find series 2 on ebay. The tuck case is black, so I'm assuming the cards will be black. It looks pretty decent.
  10. No I did handle them for a day and found them to be too thin for my appeal. The way they fanned was horrible. And pulling off sleights seemed more difficult do to there thinness.
  11. i usually buy them 5 or 6 at a time i like them a lot. Not the best in the world but I guess its just a personal preference.
  12. I picked up two decks at my local walmart today. They feel much thinner than normal bikes, very much like my eco decks did. I'm able to do whatever with them, they just keep bends which is sort of a pain. Anyway, another deck for the collection.
  13. Fan badly? White Limited Editions fan great, and are great for sleights as well. They also have a different stock and finish than standard Bikes. Do people know what they are talking about?:confused:

  14. I assume you mean these?
    What do you guys think? Real or Fake?
  15. I'm holding a deck in my hands right now, and they're fanning just fine.
  16. My personal opinion on these cards stands. The thinness leaves them to easy damage, they bend easy and lack flex. Its all on preference. The fanning sucks and certain slights can have you running through the deck very easily.
  17. i have them and personally like them, good practicing cards, there are supposed to be 10 different colors but i dont know when the others are coming out

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