Who is the most creative mind in magic?

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  1. Derren Brown is a great thinker, however his team comes up with a majority of his effects, including Andy Nyman, Luke Jermay etc.

    Chris Angel as well, most of the time he just changes exisiting ideas posted by his team of magicians the slightest. He's more of a face rather than a creator.

    Wayne Houchin and Danny Garcia. I am not flaming them, but you would be suprised how many of their effects are actually "fresh" as most are just minor variations.

    *Thread by Wayne Houchin is an old Carney's trick with a few changes.

    *Stigmata originally is from Banachek, who also credited the effect to someone else, who escapes me atm.

    *Life by Danny Garcia. Paperfold belonged to Robert Neale and presentation was from Andrew Goldenhersh, with minor changes made by Danny Garcia.

    I can go on, but please do some research and you will find that many "NEW EFFECTS" are just small changes made to old existing effects.

    LOL creativity is blurred these days.
  2. Alex Elmsley. I didn't mention him earlier because I assumed we were talking about living people.

    Without a doubt one of the greatest and most creative minds magic has and will ever have
  3. Great guys! Thanks for all the responses I never thought this would go to five pages :) YOu guys are right people like Michial Ammar, Dia Vernon, and Jean Hugard are or were probably the greatest minds in magic but I was thinking of living up and coming creators and that is why I mentioned the ones I did.

    You are all right and the people you mentioned are amazing thanks I was just thinking of up and coming creators but if we are talking about older magicians lol their are a ton!

    Thanks again all for the great response,

  4. Christian,

    I'm glad you like my work!

  5. Me (word count)
  6. Michael Ammar
    Daniel Garcia
    Paul Harris
    Chris Kenner
  7. For me
    Paul Harris
    Richard Sanders
    Dan and Dave
    And of course Axel Hecklau for his amazing Newsflash!
  8. I'm just going to throw this name out there. Steve Reynolds. Not only is he a close personal friend of mine, but the ace assemblies he's come up with are so out the box. He has binders and binders of material that he's been working on ever since he was 16 years old.
    You all will know his name soon enough, he has a book coming out called Route 52 that Josh Jay his helping him put out. Along the that book he also has a DVD out on the market called Seek 52.
    I dunno, maybe I'm being biased because he is a close friend to me, but I don't think you guys will be disappointed with that book comes out.
  9. Ted Annemann! Steve Shaw(Banachek)! UF Grant! Andy Nyman!

    So few mentalists around here....
  10. Richard Osterlind ain't have bad either :D
  11. Hmm... This is an odd question...

    I have to say Jay Sankey, Tommy Wonder, Joshua Jay, Daniel Madison, Dan Harlan and probably Pavel. Those are just the first to come to mind, I have many more I think fit that catagory.

    Will post more when I think of them.
  12. I like Dynamo for his bodyweight trick. Damn I would pay £100 for that alone...
  13. Hey guy's,

    Great responses thanks so much. Okay So I posted this same topic over in the ellusionist forums and Rich Ferguson posted the following response,

    "There are so many direction to look at this... There are some people out there that get no credit but are INSANE thinkers behind the scenes.. then there are people who are just insane with their hands, then there are living legends but some of them collaborate and have the connections with the best to create even more, etc.. Someone that truly has created material from scratch personally.....

    I really have to agree with you.. Richard Sanders has some very nice working material. The twins are INSANE WONDERFUL on hand work. To me, those are two different worlds but both need credit.

    One really frustrating thing in magic creation is that one thing NATURALLY lends itself to something more advanced or tweaked... therefore similar ideas emerge from different artists. Also, just the simple IDEA is enough to spark a ton of stuff. So much credit is given to handling and marketed DVDs, but what about those who have exposed a really clever concept. There are MANY and I wish we could honor them too;) Again, for technical creativity and pure "skill", I have to really admire those twins for sure."

    I thought he made a excellent point. The people who sell the effects get alot of the credit but alot of times it is those behind the scenes guys that deserve alot of credit and don't get it.

    Just found this interesting and thought it was a good thing to remmeber,

  14. lol the creater himself, Jeff you rock. Your Gum routine is amazing! I really enjoyed watching the demo. I was just wondering how did you create this effect? How long did it take you to prefect it? How old are you?

    Its truly inspring to see someone around my age creating effects as practical as this one.

    Thank you so much,

  15. You don't have to :p

    Google "The Georgia Wonder" or "Georgia Magnet"
    There's a book that sells on most magic site that explains it. Too lazy to find the link atm lol.
  16. Who is the most creative mind in magic

    I have looked for this thread btw

    I was just wondering out of curiosity who had the most posts on the forum?
  17. All the effects were created different way; Orbit came to me one day when looking at what gum to buy, and the others took some thought. I had the plot in mind, and from there I developed new methods. It took me a few years to make sure these tricks were as good as they can be. I went around showing other magicians asking for their opinions and advice. And I'm 15. :)


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