Who is the most creative mind in magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by christian1, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Wayne Houchin is one of the better minds in magic...

    I like a lot of them....yeah you ares are right...Richard Sanders is swell...i love his stuff....

    i love Jay Sankey thought process as well..the guy has more multi-effects product than most.....
  2. Ben Earl for his great performance style and his effective effects.

    Michael Vincent for his skill and for his Brainwave trick without a Brainwave deck.
  3. paul harris and garcia....done
  4. I completely agree with you.

    Inferno Kaiser
  5. Hey people what about Joel Pascall and his effect Believe?
  6. Paul Harris' material is absolutely awesome. I personally made a decent living off his magic, alone. As others have said, other mainstream magicelebs (like Blaine and Copperfield) have built their entire reputations off his creative perspective of the art. I love Paul Harris' stuff, and in my book-- he is the most creative mind in magic today.

    For other fans of Paul Harris, I also recommend looking into David Harkey's stuff. His magic is very reminiscent of Paul Harris' unorthodox thinking. For example, he makes a deck of cards petrify into a solid block of rock. He melts a solid spoon in a cup of hot coffee. I think David Harkey is one of the most underrated magicians in the community, but his work is very, very original and fun to perform. I'm not sure if he's still creating and performing, but the few published works he currently has out are highly, highly recommended.

  7. Amazing guys! All great responses thanks you so much and you all are right the magicians you mentioned are creative geniuses. Have you guys heard of Jeff Prace he is a very young magician and creator. I have seen a new effect he is comming out with chewing gum that looks amazing and Paul Harris speaks very hightly of his magic! I was wondering if you guys had heard of him but lol if he is coming out effects at his age their has got to be some amazing effects on their way.

    Once again thanks all for the great responses,

  8. Some of you seem to need to log off of Theory11 sometimes, and see that there is a magic world outside of here.

    Some of the names coming up here are crazy.
  9. Well played Matt.

    Someone that is really taking a spot in my mind is Steve Haynes.

    I recently brought his Casanova Closer and holy **** is that some crazy clever thinking. Plus his Hand Out 500 is incredibly clever.

    Richard Sanders is very creative...Interlaced is one amazing piece of thinking
  10. I would say Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, Criss Angel ( Even though he does some camera tricks in his show, he still is very creative)
  11. Brad Christin's magik iz so gud!!

    Jay Sankey is a master magician when it comes to business cards!!


    I like Houdin, Houdini... well, to get a little more recent, Teller and Houchin.
  12. And everyone in the past four pages has failed to mention Jerry Andrus. Or Marlo. Or Kenner. Funny stuff, actually.
  13. Who is this Marlo? Just Kitten. But I did forget Kenner. I like him, he's creative outside of magic also. I like his blog.

  14. Maybe they just dont jump off to them as particularly creative.Or because those answers would be too expected or cliche.

    I really cant say because this question is strictly matter of opinion and I cant stick with one person.
  15. I would have to say Chris Kenner. Dan Sparry for his out going creative look and style.

    Thanks to both of them for inspiring me...
  16. MattTarrant> I totally agree with you, some of the magicians in here seems to only know the theory11 magicians which is just a little facet of magic world.

    Michael Vincent, Ben Earl, Marlo, Dai Vernon, Erdnase, Bebel, Michael Ammar, Chad Nelson,...

    THEY are not on theory11 but they are great magicians ! :)

    My prefered magician from theory11 is Wayne Houchin because he has such a flawless performance style and he seems to control his audience very easily :D
  17. Chad Nelson's got some potential. I'm eager to see what he's got in the future. I love his style and personality.
  18. Shame on you all. Only one person had the intelligence to say Derren Brown. Seriously you all do need to open your eyes to the world outside of T11. I think Wayne Houchin is the best T11 artist...
  19. Dai Vernon
    Paul Harris
    Jay Sankey
    Daniel Madison (his stuff is practical, you guys are just limiting yourselves)
    David Solomon
    Ed Marlo
    Lennart Green (really? nobody mentioned him? with all the top shots I see you guys doing?)
    Joshua Quinn (his is the only mentalism material I perform.)
    Joshua Jay
    Ricky Jay (for his awesome performance style)
    Pit Hartling

    Now THERE is a list.
  20. Yeah.... especially since Andy Nyman is behind a large majority of the effects he does. So maybe do research or just don't speak out of ignorance, Derren does a few effects and a far better performer than Andy but he is the brains behind the operation.

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