Who was that guy?

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  1. "Secrets of Street Magic Revealed", last night, showed the masked magician revealing several tricks.

    Anyone recognize him? Had blonde hair with a beard, sharp features.

    Fortunately it was opposite American Idol.
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    when the show originally aired, the producers announced that the masked street magician was a no named "non famous" magician. That way, no one could pinpoint who it was. I'm sure a handful of people know the guy and know he was the mask magician. I've searched but came up with nothing. Anyone else?

    EDIT: it was me
  3. I hate when hey show that on television, it is just so wrong how they would do that
    why would they do that man!!!???
    ill tell you why: money ($$$) pisses me off
  4. You know, it's less frustrating when they actually do it well even though they expose it afterwards.

    What's worst is when the "magician" couldn't even perform the tricks well, but get all the attention just because he "teaches" the audience how the magic tricks work.

    There's a so-called magician in Hong Kong who calls himself a cheating-expert. His name is Andy Kwok. All he does is exposing sleights on TV shows.

    There was an episode where he teaches the audience how to shuffle 3 cards between each pair of aces, so that he can get all the aces while dealing.

    And what did he do? He shuffle 3 cards between the aces in SLOW MOTION, saying that the audience can see better in that way. Nonetheless, during that whole show, he DID NOT perform this "amazing technique" in full speed.

    He can't even do what he teaches!!!

    THAT pissed me off the most!
  5. cklam, I know who you're talking about and I totally agree with you. But what pisses me off now? That the original masked magician (Valentino) is HUGE in Japan. I he's not doing anything that's exposing but he IS using the mask as a crutch.
  6. the evil mans name is val valentino check imdb next time lol
  7. already stated :)
  8. I saw this show too. What bugs me is that these are the great tricks! I actually use a couple of them in my repetoire!:mad:
  9. they should have named the special "David Blaine's first street magic special revealed"
  10. I hate the masked magician.. gawd.
  11. Valentino has dark hair and is beardless. He was the very first masked magician.

    "check your facts next time lol"
  12. I'm going to quote myself just in case you guys misunderstood me.. I said the ORIGINAL masked magician.. not the masked street magician.. was Valentino.. what was the confusion?
  13. Guys, chill out. It's not that big of a deal and he really isn't that bad of a guy. I can't believe some of you are saying you HATE him. How many times has a spectator ever interrupted your performance to say "I saw that on that Masked Magician t.v. special?" That show is what made me interested and I'm willing to bet that a lot of other magicians on here were also inspired by it.
  14. Actually I've had quite a few people say that to me. "Hey I've seen that show on T.V. showing how you guy's do that stuff", usually they don't remember anything on there though.

  15. i dont know cause they censor his voice with a deep voice and masked himself plus he could get in a lot of trouble with other mqagicians if they knew it was him revealing the re best tricks
  16. its already been done.

  17. Totally agree. The worst is when people post tutorials/exposures without having the ability to even perofrm the effect themselves.

    Frekkin' idiots. BUy a dvd and 5 minutes later, expose it. Good going!
  18. The original, didn;t he only perform tricks/effects that were almost NEVER in use anymore? I saw part of an episode when I was a kid. they had an amazng convincer to the fullet cxatch. They shot some wood first.
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    I saw that show!!
    I was about to post a new thread on this but searched the threads first. No i was not able to recognize him and i do hate that they are showing this. Fortunately, he shows only one way to do each trick when there are dozens of other ways to perform them

    Now they're showing the original Masked Magician (Valentino) again!!
    ^ this show is way better because these tricks aren't used anymore (he inspired me to start performing magic)
  20. ^ Uh, I do believe some, if not all, of those tricks are still in use.

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