Working as a Magician on a Cruise Ship!

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  1. I forget yesterday, but the most important question is -
    1. If you like to eat much (Like me), more that just one dish, do you can ask them for another dish and is it free? :D
    Not this one, but this - :)
    2. You said you have to be with your spectators 7 days and the question is, do you try to remember their names or you write them down somewhere?
  2. Wow Toby,
    I just watched the entire first video (will watch the second one tomorrow since it is past midnight). You did an outstanding job providing our community with some very good "hands - on" working knowledge. You also did it in a hilarious way that made it entertaining. I was laughing out loud numerous times and almost woke up the wife and kids. I have a lot of comments / notes that I wrote out and feedback that I'll post tomorrow as well. Off to bed man.

    Those of you who have not watched this entire are cheating yourself. Sit down and take this all in.
  3. Wow, thanks man, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait for your feedback and further questions. I will be adding a lot more about the actual lifestyle on the ship in the next podcast.
  4. Thoughts on 1st part of Cruise Video:

    Thanks for the shout out! I loved the humor though out the video.

    -- Seems like you get in a TON and I mean a TON of performing experience (your 45 hours per week is outstanding)

    -- I had No idea that you would HAVE to live with a room mate while on board. That could be good and bad depending on if you wanted
    some quiet time.

    -- I think it is great that there is a "mentor" program where a magician with cruise ship experience "shows you the ropes" so to speak

    -- I would definitely agree that your 9 month experience would change your patter and presentation of your effects. That would have been neat to see your first week on the job compared to your last week on the job.

    -- Interesting fact about security...that it is there should you need it during an altercation with a guest.

    -- Planning ahead for when your props / gimmicks run out would definitely teach you some responsibility and preplanning on your part.

    -- $250 for spending on magic items per contract didn't seem like much but I guess it is better than nothing. They probably figure you
    aren't buying big stage props and mainly just using cards, coins, rubber bands, and such.

    -- At 7 months = psychologically tired. I would bet so.

    -- I think it is great that they "make" you perform for the kids so that it gets you out of your comfort zone and it allows you to see what you
    enjoy and don't enjoy doing.

    -- Something you brought up that I also think is important is that you are constantly in the gym and drinking protein shakes. I am the same
    way. I truly believe that "appearance" is a big turn on or turn off. Who wants to see a big, fat, balding, pale guy walking around the ship
    showing card tricks? Especially for the younger crowds. Keep it up and keep those "guns" in shape man.

    -- You talked about the "variety" of clients / spectators on the ship and how that you could see the punk / goth girls and one table over the
    business men. This definitely allows you to hone your patter and change your approach.

    -- It was interesting and true to hear you say that you were probably one of the top 2-3 FAMOUS people aboard the ship. That has to be a
    great feeling and a double edged sword. I applaud you for always entertaining the guests who would even come up to you when you were
    not "on the clock". Not all performers would be so nice. Thumbs up!

    -- I had never heard about the "Chef's Dinner". I knew about the VIP or high class dinners.

    Looking forward to watching the second video this afternoon when my kids are napping. Thanks again Toby!
  5. My replies are in blue.
  6. Great video, thanks for sharing!
    (Other questions are coming :p )
  7. Just finished the second video (bonus).

    It was quite evident that you have performed both Chicago Opener and CMH numerous if not 1,000 or more times like you mentioned. You provided great patter and subtleties. I have never used the card box on the table as you did for a little stand and justification for putting the blue card back on the deck when you need to "move" the box out of the way. Very clever....I like it. I also enjoyed how you perform the chicago opener twice with the second person being further away to necessitate the hindu shuffle. Once again....WOW. Great stuff Toby.

    The CMH section was great as well with the Houdini story or the funny business with being drunk and needing hand cuffs later. I am right handed and always perform it to the spectator in the right so that everyone else can see. I have never used the left hand to come up and block some of the move but that is good for future reference if I need it.

    Once again...thanks for all of your expertise Toby.

    Also...not that this is a big question but did you only perform using standard bicycle decks on the cruise ship? I only ask because I prefer to only use Bicycle cards in paid performances and wondered your thoughts on all of the young guys thinking that they "MUST" have these custom decks.
  8. Thanks for the kind words Rick, really appreciate it, I'm glad you liked it.
    As far as the regular bicycle decks goes, the answer is YES. I have ONLY used bicycle decks (apart from "Protea" deck which is a must for the effect I use it for aka. "Trilogy" by Alakazam ; and also a Phoenix deck because of Joshua Jay's Prism Deck). The main reason I use bicycle is because I give tons of cards away, so it is the cheapest and most affordable/available option for me. And also, all the gaff cards I use comes in bicycle back design.
    Also because Twilight Angels, and the patter I use there. I say "when people are playing cards, they always look at the faces, which are all different right? But no one pays attention to the backs of the cards, which are all the same right? In this case, this is the Bicycle deck, have you seen this one before?" and 99.9% of people will say "Yes, I have one at home". That is vital for this effect. Because if no one recognized the backs, they would just blame it all on some special magical deck of cards.
    So, young magicians, if I were you, I would only use bicycle deck in a real performance. I believe that all of these fancy new decks of cards have their place, ie. I love watching cardistry/flourishing videos made with all these new decks of cards. However, if you start performing professionally, you will soon realize that bicycle is by far the best option for you.
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    Have watched it now. Very informative and the bonus was my favourite part (specifically the reasons why you did what you did in the C.O)
  10. Thanks man, glad you liked it. I was hoping that more people are gonna watch that and comment, because I did that bonus part to show other people how many details can you think about, even in a simple trick like Chicago Opener.
  11. Toby...don't take offense, there have been countless times on here that some of the more experienced guys have thrown out some outstanding advice and it just gets glanced at by the young'ins waiting for the next deck to be released.
  12. I know, it's sad, but that's ok. I'll be more than happy to keep doing this, even if it's just for you Rick and couple of other guys.
  13. I watched it now. It's pretty cool. :)
    I'd like to work as a magician on a "Luxury ship".
    You helped me a lot with your answers.
    So I have 2 questions (a little bit stupid...):

    -Is it OK if I'm just 19? So can I work as a magician on a ship at that age?

    -What can you tell about see sickness? :D Unfortunately once I experienced that feeling and I think I can get dizzy etc ona ship. Somebody told me that on big ships you can't feel it...

    -And I'm Hungarian. I can speak English (level advanced) and a little bit of Spanish and Italian. Is this enough?
  14. There is no such thing as a stupid question, just a stupid answer ;)
    Those are actually great questions, I'll answer them in my next podcast.
  15. I'm waiting for it! :)

    Btw. Thank you for the videos!
  16. The best insight ever. I want to work on a ship now, and I am seriously considering it. I've been on cruises before and I love it, and I can only imagine living on the ship performing for people. I will contact you soon with some additional details if you don't mind.

    I have yet to watch the bonus. Will comment on it when I do so. Thanks!
  17. Just an update, I'm out of town for a week, so I'll get back to recording the second podcast when I get back. Thank you for your patience, both of you lol
    Keep asking questions and commenting.
    Thank you!
  18. Another week. :( I will wait. I think there is more than just two people who want to see next podcast, much more.
    .... and Thanks to you!
  19. I'm still waiting, make that three.
  20. Four, looking forward to it.
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