Working as a Magician on a Cruise Ship!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Toby, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Common guys, this is sad. Working on a cruise ship is like working on a different planet, so many questions to ask. No one asked about the lifestyle, where can you go, where you cannot go, who does your laundry, is there a gym, where do you eat, can you drink, can you hang out with guest after work etc...
    Common, keep the questions coming ;)
  2. I went on a cruise a few months back, so I get the lifestyle a bit haha. But anyway, how often did you perform? Was it just during the dinner or did you walk around during the day?

    How did you handle being away from friends and family for 9 months?
    What excursions/attractions are paid for for you? What did you have to buy out of your own pocket?
  3. What specifically did you do on the ship? By that I mean, did you work walk-around during meals, magic at a bar, or did you have a parlor-type setting to perform in?

    What preparations did you make before boarding for your "tour?" What did you do if you found yourself in need of equipment replacement or refill?

    What kind of interaction did you have with the ship's other employees and entertainers?

    What were your living arrangements like? What was it like adapting to it?

    How was working at sea in comparison to other close-up gigs you've had in the past?

    How did you get the job? What kind of contacts did you make? How did you go about "selling yourself" to the cruise line? What kind of promo material did you bring with you, if any?

    Depending on what the venue was like, what kind of contact did you have with stage managers/cruise directors/other technician-types?

    What did you pay for on the ship and what was provided for you?

    How much time off were you given, on and off the ship?

    This might not be the best question for you, but I thought I'd ask anyway: What if your act requires an assistant? Or does the cruise line generally hire "solo magic" acts?

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Sorry about the explosion of questions, I just wanted to pick your brain!
  4. This is absolutely perfect, some very important questions are asked here. Keep 'em coming ;)
  5. Just couple of more days before the podcast. Remember, the more questions you ask, the better and longer and more detailed the podcast is gonna be.
  6. - What is your best memory of the cruise?
    - And your worst memory?
    - Were you the only magicians? Otherwise, how many magicians were hired during the cruise?
    - What were you doing when not performing? What were your hobbies during 9 months?
    - Why were you hired for exactly? Always working in the same restaurant? Doing some kind of street magic on the boat?
    - You had some freedom in your work, or you had a lot of contraints?
    - How did you get the job? Were you looking for a job on a cruise ship, or were you lucky to find it?
    - What about your pay?

    Please, give us a lot of anecdotes :p

    And I think a video podcast would be a better idea
  7. Thank you, those are great questions. I hope I'll have enough anecdotes for you :)
  8. I am really excited about this video. I don't have a question, because what I wanted to know somebody asks.
    I just want to say that please make a video podcast, because it is easier to understand, if your English are bad.
    And please make it free, that anybody can see it without paying. :) You are a man.
  9. 550 views, and only 20 replies, pretty crappy lol
    Anyways, I will start recording in a day or two, so keep checking this thread for the first video. Then I will give you another week (or so) to come up with new questions based on the answers I gave in the first video. It's not too late to ask questions now, so keep em coming.
  10. 1. When you were not performing did you have other jobs you were expected to do (i.e) work in the kitchen, wait tables and such or were you strickly the magician.

    2. Did you need to audition again while on the ship, I've heard the management will always judge the stage magicians and if the show isn't what it was made out to be they will send you home.

    3. I am sure the cruise line feeds you and of course supplies you with a room, does that come off your wage or is it included when you are hired?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Alright, I recorded everything today, answered EVERY SINGLE QUESTION, plus recorded two small bonuses as a thank you for participating and watching :)
    They will be uploaded tomorrow or the day after, so stay tuned. It's around 80 minutes long, plus another 40-50 minutes bonuses, you are looking at around 2 hours of material lol and there is at least that much left to talk about, so I'll leave that for the second podcast.
    So stay tuned ;)
  12. Sounds great, thanks for the update. And thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions, I can't wait to learn about your experience.
  13. Toby....I'm very pumped to have you share this wealth of information with the community. Thank you so much.
  14. This sounds very interesting! When and where is this video going to be posted Toby?
  15. Hopefully tomorrow, and in this thread, so keep checking.
  16. Alright guys, here it is, finally. There are two videos, first one is the podcast about working on a cruise ship, where I answered all of your questions, and added some things you didn't ask. The other one is just a little bonus for you, it's my performance of Chicago Opener and psychology behind it, just to help you see all the things you can think about when you think about your tricks. Also, I give you my presentation of Crazy Man Handcuffs and psychology behind it. This bonus is just to spark your creative imagination.
    So, this is part one of the podcast, after you are done watching, PLEASE comment and ask questions, and then I will make part two where I will answer all these new questions.
    Both of these videos are really long, but hopefully informative and entertaining, so watch until the end. Btw. I realize I talk a little fast, it's just the way I talk normally all my life, so if there is something you didn't understand, please ask me and I will clarify it for you.

    Cruise Ship Podcast:

    Bonus video:

    My facebook page:

    So there you go, I hope you enjoyed and please comment and ask questions.
    Thank you!
  17. Over 50 views since I uploaded these videos, and not one comment? Has anyone watch the videos? lol
  18. You are very impatient. :)

    I just finish watching both videos. They was very funny. And yes you talk fast but I am not american and I understand what you said.
    First about tips on Chicago opener and Crazy Man's Handcuffs, They was really helpful. Now I realize that my performance of these two tricks were very bad. Very big thanks about these tips.
    About podcast - I have some new questions.
    1. When you were on your cruise ship you talk just in English or you have to talk in some other languages? And if there were people from other cultures how you contacted with them?
    2. You said about alcohol, but is it allowed to smoke on the ship while you are in work?
    3. And maybe you know if cruise ship don't have magician, how can you get job on that ship?

    I want to say big thanks to you about this podcast, I learn very much in this 2 hours.
    I am waiting for your next podcast and please do bonus video on that video too.
  19. Oh thanks man, it really means a lot that you liked my bonus video. I will do more for next time. I will answer those questions in that other podcast, they are great questions ;)
    The only reason why I'm impatient is that I don't want this thread to end up on page 2 or 3, because then no one will be able to see it.
  20. On vacation with my family right now Toby...will watch as soon as Im home tomorrow night. I can't wait. Thanks again for taking the time to do this. I'll have plenty of comments for you!
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