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  1. Hello there :)

    I had a job to do a series of workshops for a childcare from a bigger company of my hometown.
    I had before a complete script for myself and a short one for the company, just as a preview of the two to four simple things and basics I wanted to teach.
    I performed all of them with great reception- but one thing disturbed me a bit:
    I got booked for one extra group. After that, one of the supervisors approached me, excited:
    "That was great! We will practice this later on with the children -And next week there will be another set of them and we will definitely teach them this, too."
    I had put a lot of effort into the preparations and explanations, so there would be visible results, better than, say from youtube videos or such so I am pretty sure they could copy me to some extent.
    But how should I react to this situation?
  2. You you taught them, and now are frustrated that they are going to teach someone else? Maybe it would have helped to stress the magicians code. or the proper channels that one must use to learn magic. If you taught the magic, it kind of seems like you let them know that this magic was okay to teach. I understand your frustration though. They are hardly capable of teaching after a single workshop.
  3. Hi Josh, I tried to enforce those. In fact I spoke like two minutes on these between some short material I was presenting and between the actual "teaching", I guess I´ll try to change the wording.
    I guess you´re right. It´s just after a series of those that this was the first time this happened.
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