Would you ever cheat in a card game?

Jan 31, 2010
I have, but not for money. It's good to see if I can perform under the pressure of game, even if it is less serious if money isn't on the table.
Jul 18, 2010
Now I'm offended.

That was definitely the intent. I hope I huwt yowr feewings.

Thanks for contributing.

On topic: I've tried once or twice. I did a few times while betting food. No real money. I ended up winning half a sandwich with a clever little palm switch out. I agree with above post, I think it's nice to test out the skills without the potential for loss of money and a pounding from the mafia.
Yep. I do all of the time just screwing around with friends and they don't notice. If I'm playing a serious game or for money or with people I don't know too well then I won't. But I don't see why not, makes things a little more fun ;)
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