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  1. Over the past few days I have been debating whether to get wounded or not. So I decided to make a thread to help me make a decision. Is wounded worth the money? Is the tears of blood a very strong effect, because I want to combine it with an effect?
  2. Wounded is a great effect. There are several different methods that are taught on the DVD. Each method requires a gimmick and some kind of set up before you approach your spectator. If your going to get it I would highly recommend getting the package that comes with the gimmicks. I would definitely recommend getting this effect. Just remember to perform it in the proper places.
  3. i got it, but have yet to use it, but i cant wait until i do, Its awsome, buy it
  4. Where can you get Wounded? What site is it, pls pm the site to me? Thanks!
  5. 'Wounded' is pure gold. I love the effect, and it has the potential to be bar none, the most powerful effect in your repertoire -- plus there are many concepts you can apply to many other effects you do, it is simply amazing. This is one of those effects you'll love to perform, and can be the true test of showmanship - you will find that you will be continually critiquing and refining your performance of it, more so than other effects, because your presentation, acting, and showmanship are not only critical, but you'll find infinite ways to address the topic and which ways trigger the most emotional responses. I've made people cry, curse, run, pray, and feel ill with shock using this, pure astonishment.
  6. papercraneproductions.com
  7. Thanks guys, I am going to order this tomorrow. I look forward to learning and performing this.
  8. Thanks a lot also!

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