Wynns or Tally Ho's?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by CJ11, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. For those who have both, which do you prefer?
  2. tally-hos
    circle back
    hands down
    forget about it
    the only thing wynns have going for them is the flashy back
    which is good for flourishing
    but might provide unnecessary suspicion if you are doing magic
  3. y don't tally's provide suspicion? No lay person has ever seen tally's before
    makes no sense
  4. Tallys are easier to handle with for magic.
  5. Go for the tallys if you're going to use them for magic.

    Go for the Wynns if you're into flourishing.
  6. It doesn't matter at all if a layman hasn't seen that particular deck before. i perform in Europe, and nobody here has ever seen a deck of Bicycles or Tally-Ho's, and nobody ever suspects them. They look like normal cards.

    To the actual question, I personally like Wynn's feel more. Doubles are like doing singles, and I haven't encountered any issues with fanning. But Tally-Ho's are cheaper, they are easier to get, and they look more normal. So I use them.
  7. Tally's are better than wynn's in any form of cardistry, they are also superior in magic terms.
  8. Tally-Hos, no doubt. They are much better. The brown Wynns don't fan well, especially after a while, and because of the jumbo indexes they look terrible when you fan them or spread them for a spectator to choose. The colors are also darker, while Tallys have nice full colors. The only reason to get Wynns (brown) may be because you are curious what they fee like or foolish enough to give in to the hype that they are very rare (like 7000 decks or so).
  9. Took the words right off my fingers!

    Wynns aren't great for magic but I still use them. They are way better for flourishing. I use because they hold together extremely well when I do double lifts.

    But tallys are still better for magic.

    Just my opinion.
  10. Flashy backs? It's just a Wynn logo on either end of the card.. where's the flashy?

    To answer the thread, Tally's are great.. Just ordered some like an hour ago :)
  11. having a lot of solid color on the back design is very rare
    plus wynns have out_standing colors
    brown, blue-purple, blood red
    they are quite flashy cards
  12. bicycle anyone?? lol
    but yea i like tally ho's way better!
  13. Thanks for all the input guys. I have some brown wynns, but I think I'll buy some circle back Tally Ho's now.
  14. good choice
    i think you will only be disappointed with the joker
    its a somewhat effeminate guy with a whip and a top hat
    also i wish they had the ace of spades from masters
    then it would be the most perfectest deck ever
  15. Wynns look great but Tally Ho's are better.
  16. Personally i like both, but its all just a matter of which cards feel better to you
  17. Put it this way, I am standing in front of a table with two mystery packs on either side of me. I would reach for the pack on the right - but only if they were blue and went by the name of "Tally Ho Circle Backs". :)

  18. New studs all the way for me for flourishing!
  19. No doubt Tally Ho's.
    Flourishing? Rarely a deck comes along that matches quality and finish of a tally ho.
    People who really flourish and not just talk on forums know what i mean.
  20. Dude tallys are so much better..
    they feel better and last longer..
    I have never had anyone question if they are "real" or a "trick deck"
    just my opinion..

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