Sep 7, 2008

The Official Spam:

Magicians always just do card tricks...Why not try and do something more than just a card trick! After the box and cards have been examined by your audience, fold 2 cards into 2 supports and place the card box on top of it...not impressed? Now REMOVE 1 of the supports leaving an unbelievable image in your spectators mind!


Place pencil on a pop can, and on the end of the pencil suspend the card box, leaving a TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE image that just can't be explained. All this and more can be done with X-Suspense!

Comes complete with Gimmick, 30 page booklet with over 40 clear photos so you can get started right away with several additional ideas and performance tips!

Bonus! FX-Suspense- Suspend a full deck of cards on your outstretched finger! You can take the cards out of the box right away and use them to perform other magic effects. Can be done almost impromptu!

Let me just start off this review by saying I did not pay for this product, but received it free for review by the creators. Even still, this review has no bias. Also, this review is long overdue and I apologize.

What you get is either a 15 page e-book, or a 15 page booklet with included gimmicks. The e-book does not come with the gimmicks, but they can be easily found at local stores. The e-book is nicely written and has over 40 photographs in the pages. It’s very clear to understand and just a nice job overall. I do wish that the creators would’ve used better photographs, not that they’re blurry, but rather unprofessional looking. That’s a very minor complaint and can be easily fixed in any of their upcoming releases.

There really is no basic effect, as many presentations and ideas are included. In its raw form, a card box is balanced at an impossible angle, whether on top of a folded playing card or a pencil. Take a look at the demo to see how amazing these illusions look. Also look at the photographs below:


Does that look great or what! But at the same time, you can see the pictures were taken in front of a white sheet of computer paper. I even cropped the image to make it look better. I personally thing this should be fixed, although, it’s a very minor point.

Back to the review.

The method is a very cool one. I agree with the author(s), this is not a standalone effect. It should be dispersed with a longer routine. The nice part is, throughout the longer routine the gimmicked box can be sitting on the table without being noticed. Also, there is plenty of misdirection to prepare the card box.

The creators give you many ideas in which you can balance a card box on. Other cards, pencils, tables, lighters, chap stick, and fingers just to name a few. Within those ideas, they give many handling tips which will help your success. Also, they give additional ways to increase the effect, ways in which to balance other things on top of the box while the box is balancing on something else. It sounds confusing, I know, but it’s much easier to understand once you purchase this.

The teaching style is very easy to understand. The pictures were very helpful, and gave “x-ray” views of pretty much everything you need to know. This is not a poorly produced e-book by a bunch of kids; I really appreciate the quality and effort that went into this.

Finally, there is a very nice bonus effect that’s completely impromptu. A deck of playing cards inside the box is balanced on your fingers. This was a great bonus and really fit well with the rest of the e-book. I am glad the creators decided to include this.


This is fantastic. The main idea is good, the e-book is good, and the bonus is good. I couldn’t ask for anything more really. Though, along with my one minor complaint, there were some spelling/grammar mistakes in the ad copy. Next time, they should be sure to check that more carefully, as that is what determines if a customer is to purchase the product. I think this would be really cool to have lying around your “magic room.” A pencil balanced on a soda can, balancing a deck of cards. What a conversation piece! Highly recommended: 9/10.
Oct 17, 2007
Aussie NSW
It reminds me of Tensegrity from Art of Astonishment ( Also on TA )
Or Mathieu Bich's effect Counterweight which are both amazing effects.

Does it match up to those 2 effects in your eyes?

Sep 7, 2008
That's absolutely correct. This has no strings, wires, or magnets attached to it. No metal or wood pieces either. No electronics.
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