Yet Another "What is this called" thread! (A Derren Brown card force)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Tamijo, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Basically I want to know how he's managed to do the hard bit of this trick. The card is selected at 1'30", but there may be some mentalism work done before that, so it may be worth watching the whole thing.

    If you can deduce without watching;
    Derren tells Stephen he's going to spread the cards out in front of him. He wants Stephen to look at a card and remember it, but not select it. He says "If it's the three of hearts I want you to see a big three and a big heart". He then spreads them and asks "Got it?" Stephen says yes, and then the cards are put to one side. As he's talking just after he reveals that he knows it's the King of Diamonds. The rest of the trick happens which involves the card being missing, and the position Stephen saw his card in is now actually a King of Hearts. Then Derren does a card to mouth with a twist that he lit the card like a cigarette a few seconds before any of this part happened.

    The only bit I need is the force. I know the routine can be done in other ways, but the force is what I'd like to take away from it. Does anybody know of it, or if it's been released by anybody anywhere or is in a book? (It must be in a book somewhere, right???)

  2. I don't think what you are seeing is a force.
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  3. Derren Brown is using John Kennedy's Mind Power deck.; the routine is published in Derren Brown's "The Devils Picturebook" I believe.
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