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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BillyG, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. I have an signed Liquid Metal, and an autographed Joker guardian by W:H
  2. Nate Kranzo signed a box of red bikes for me a couple weeks ago. That's basically it.

    Anthony Bass
  3. i dont ask for autographs but heres what i got b4

    Cyril Takayama
    David Roth
    Aaron Fisher
    Shoot Ogawa
    Gregory Wilson
  4. Dan and Dave
    Lance Burton
    Lee Asher
    Daniel Madison
    Cyril Takayama
    David Copperfield
    Jason Burne (he sent me a yellow origami bird as well)
    David Blaine
    Amazing Jonathan
    Bill Malone
  5. I don't know whose I have...
    But I do know one of them belongs to Dana Hocking.
  6. I'm using a deck of brown Wynns to get magician autographs. I only just started at the Blackpool convention, so I haven't got many yet, so far:

    Shoot Ogawa
    Kostya Kimlat
    Lennart Green
    Pete Firman (a quite well known TV magician here in the UK)
    Geoffery Durham
    Ali Bongo

    and, my favourite so far

    Roy Walton, who just happened to be sitting in the row in front of me in the gala show at Blackpool.

    And today, I got Derren Brown's autograph for my girlfriend.
  7. awesome, I am jealous of the people who got Cyril's autograph =( my list is updated after World Magic Seminar
  8. wow..

    no name dropping in THIS thread.. :D
  9. My new acquistions are copies of More Inner and Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic signed by Dai Vernon, and Scarne on Cards signed by John Scarne.
  10. i have one autograph - its daniel madison's on a 3 of diamonds brown wynn

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