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  1. I have 2 cards signed by Wayne, another card signed by Dana, and the Ace of Spades from my Brown Wynns signed by Lee.

  2. You guys are lucky. The only signature I have is from arnold shwartseneger ( sorry for bad spelling). :(
  3. I don't have anybody's autograph. I don't really care for them. They're neat, but I'm afraid that I'll lose them.
  4. umm Ill prob forget some

    jeff mcbride x2
    jay sankey
    criss angel
    jeff mcbride
    dan and dave
    lennart green
    apollo robbins
    mak king
    rick thomas
    kevin james

    only one I havent met is sankey.
  5. I can only remember the following:

    Danny Garcia
    John Lovick
    Martin Nash
    Michael Ammar
    Greg Wilson
    Andrew Goldenhersch
    Ted Lesley
    Paul Green
    Tom Ogden
    John Carney
    Lee Asher
    Aaron Fisher
    John Gustaferro
    Bruce Cervon
    Gay Blackstone
    Shoot Ogawa
    John LeClaire
    Lance Burton
    Max Maven
    David Regal
    Kenton Knepper
  6. I'm lame, only have a Mac King one, but he is the one who got me started in magic. (Got it inside his books, Tricks with your Head)
  7. Haha, that was my first autograph. 4 years later, I brought my book with me, and he signed it again. "Hi Billy I'm Still Mac King"
  8. so like i dont care about autographs from anyone unless its on a check cashing money out to me.
  9. I forgot that I also have a D&D signed Trilogy and a deck of signed Ammar cards form his 50'th birthday.

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    So far i have:

    Lance Burton
    Lee Eun Gyeol
    Mathieu Bich
    Arthur Trace
    Rick Merrill
    Johnathan Bayme
    Joshua Jay
    Dan Buck
    Dave Buck
    David Regal
    Tony Chapek
    Greg Frewin
    Steve Wyrick
    Mac King
    Nathan Burton
    Dan Sperry
  11. I only have 2 magic related ones. Penn and Teller.
  12. I guess I kind of have Daniel Madison's autograph since when I ordered Breach he signed a part of the package that said he agreed that nothing dangerous is in the package. I assume he does that with all of the things he ships out since he uses the Royal Mail Service. It's technically an autograph right? Lol
  13. Aaron Fisher was cool enough to sign my copy of The Paper Engine at one of his lectures :)

    - Sean
  14. The Buck Twins

    is all i need

    Good Luck
  15. Banachek

    thats the whole list :D
  16. A signed copy of cruel tricks for dear friends
  17. I have signatures from Jay Sankey (Greatest Hits), JC Wagner (Full Metal Jacket), Syd Segal (Full Metal Jacket), and Justin Miller (card box). Unfortunately, only one of them, Justin's, was personally signed. I bought Sankey's Great Hits DVD Set and it was already signed, lol. And JC and Syd both signed Full Metal Jacket, but they signed all the booklets as part of the promotion. A picture of Justin Miller's signature is attached.

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  18. I have...

    Dan and Dave's Sig on a Sealed Wynn Deck,
    Darren Romeo (I got his manager's card too!)
    and a Masters Ace from Brad Christian.

    Hopefully I can get Mr. Kenner's and Mr. Copperfield's in May after the show, but neither of them have responded to my emails or myspace messages....

  19. I have a couple card signed by Wayne Houchin, a sealed deck of Brown Wynns signed by Lee Asher, and Daniel Madison's on a Tally Ho ace.

  20. I've got 2 autographs
    1. Red Rider Back Deck signed by Nathan Kranzo
    2. Blue Rider Back Deck signed by Daniel Garcia

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