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  1. only dan and dave bucks-came in my sleightly magical lecture notes
    i dont really care to get a lot of them though, meeting and listening to great magicians would me of more value than a signature.
  2. Daryl - Autographed lecure notes
    David Blaine - Autographed ace of diamonds
  3. Wow.... I'll probably leave out a few but here it goes.

    John Calvert x4
    Alain Nu x 2
    Jeff McBride
    David Copperfield
    Jay Scott Berry
    Barrie Richardson
    Andy Dallas
    Mark Mason
    Justin Kredible
    J.B. Bobo
    Duane Laflin
    Dick Oslund
    David Ginn
    Hank Moorehouse
    Morgan Strebler

    There's a few more but nothing big. I've met almost all of them. They lectured here in town.

  4. Justin Kredible
    Jeff McBride
    Johnny Thompson
    Garrett Thomas
    Simon Lovell
    Penn and Teller

    ...that's it for now.
  5. when i was like 7, I got Leonardo and Michealangelo's autograph. I tried to get Donatello's but he had disappeared. I never really liked Raphael.
  6. Hmm, so far I've only got Lee Ashers' autograph on a deck of Wynns from the Witness contest. I really hope to get more sometime in the future.

    Shane K.
  7. That makes you around 200 years old :p.

    ~David Rysin
  8. I'm pretty sure he was speaking of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. HaHa

    But the artists would be cool too!

  9. Danny Garcia
    Paul Stone
    Nick Eignhorne
    Eugene Burger
    Lee Asher
    Joshua Jay
    Shoot Ogawa
    Marc Oberon
    Richard Turner
    Darwin Ortis
    Bob White
    Paul Cummings
    John Born

    They are the ones I can remember.... Yeah I go to a lot of Lectures
  10. mine is

    lee asher(heck ya)

    thats all icare about
  11. Jason Byrne
    Daniel Garcia
    Gerry McCambridge
    Derren Brown
    Daniel Madison
    Cyril Takayama
    Rico & Lisa De La Vega
    Jason Latimer
    Alain Choquette
    David Copperfield
    Lee Asher (is coming in the mail)
    Lance Burton
  12. Funny thing is, we just covered them in world history 2 days ago...:D

    I had a feeling he was talking about the turtles though...If he wasn't then Aubrey De Grey would get a kick out of meeting him:p.

  13. I only have Lance Burton's autograph at the moment, but I'm definitely going to try and get more autographs from all the guys respected in the industry. Maybe even J. Bayme's :D .

  14. I have a couple cards signed by wayne, and a blue Jerry's jack of hearts signed by dan and dave.

    Oh yeah.

  15. omg you have burton's autograph! did you like meet him in a real life or get a book with his sig. or what, dude thats amazing, lance is all time my fave stage magician.
  16. I have some to add to this thread as well...

    *Lance Burton sent me his autograph when I was 13

    * I have David Copperfield's autograph when the fan club was in circulation back in the 90s got that one at 12 * my second Copperfield autograph I recieved after assisting onstage in 2005... David actually signed right in front of me!

    I guess you could say "I have Chris Angels autograph", actually it's a digital signature on a glossy, *someday I'm going to get "the real thing":D Got that from his fan club, wich was pretty cool. I do like the fact that I didn't have to pay out the A$$ with Copperfield for the fact that he was right in front of me when he signed my autograph, so I knew it was genuine.

    I have Homer Liwag's CoinOne and in the sleeve on the piece of cardbacking that comes with the D.V.D. is his signature. Back in 2007 I went to another Copperfield performance and Chris/Homer signed my Magic Magazine...
  17. when i ask for a replacement for Distorion im gonna ask W:H's autograph =D
    do you think i might get it ?
  18. From T11 i have Aaron Fisher (paper engine, notes etc. and card) Lee Asher and Wayne Houchin! I have Chad Juros...that kid on Criss Angel. I have more...gotto take a look!
  19. Here's my list:


    Aww damn.. I need some autographs!

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