Your first flourish?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Teddy94, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I think I started with the Swivel Cut, but that doesn't really count... 'actual' flourish, I would say Sybil. I tried Eko with little success, but Sybil I got down rather quickly. In my opinion, Sybil should be one of the first cuts learned by any new cardist.

  2. The Charlier Cut, or One Handed Cut..

    - Dylan
  3. I think my first cut was the Sybil by Cardshark88.
  4. Sybil, actaully. I found it was a very famous flourish - little did I know it wasnt an easier one!

    Alas, I practised and practised. I have it down.
    or actually a one handed fan, if that counts.
  5. The Charlier Cut
  6. original flourish, I woke up and I could do my own flourish :) it was awsome.
  7. One-handed fan, Vertigo, Sybil, Turnover, Downfall
  8. ha.

    Mine was the charlier cut.

  9. My first flourish was jackson 5, i just picked up a deck, saw a video of it once, and just did it straight off with no practice, should have made a thread about it to gloat to everyone, and then hide it by pretending to care what their first flourish was...:)
  10. I just started yesterday. I'm attempting the molecule (?) from the trilogy. :D
  11. Trying to remeber I think the first flourish that I saw was the werm but the first one that I learnt was the swivel cut and then The Cuso's 7axaphone display

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