Your first flourish?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Teddy94, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. My first flourish was the card spring, because I saw a friend do it.
    I can do it about a foot now.
  2. I guess under the conditions listed, my first one was the Jones Change followed by my own A51 base false cut (u can use it and modify it to make some good stuff).
  3. swivel cut, then werm, charlier, then jackson 5.
  4. Charlier was first, followed by the Swivel Cut and then an original cut.

  5. Charlier, 1 handed fans, thumb fan, card spring... ect.

    Fluid now has about 5 variations and can be done about 20 times faster. I have a new one I call branch that I am working on and as soon as it is fast and smooth I will post it as well.
  6. 5 Faces of sybil, Charlier, one handed fan, card spring, pressure fan, Squeeze cut
  7. The charlier more than 3 years ago. Still can't do it in both hands.
  8. Charlier, swivel cut, the W.E.R.M., then Twisted Rain.
  9. either the cobra or mantis+5-alive :D
  10. Damn you Wilson, last time I looked at 5-Alive (a few months ago) I still had no idea what the plague was going on! :p
  11. :O Then you have a problem :p
  12. Charlier first, I believe Sybil was my second propperly learned flourish other than a run of swing cuts (if you count that :p).
  13. haha thats how I roll :p
  14. the W.E.R.M.
  15. Besides the basic charlier cut, my first real flourish was the Genesis.....after that the 5 Faces followed.
  16. Helix 190 cut (variation) =)
  17. Sybil, i skipped the swivel and helix. hehe
  18. Charlier for sure, I think I learned it from the Daryl sleight of hand series.
  19. I think I started with the Swivel Cut, but that doesn't really count... 'actual' flourish, I would say Sybil. I tried Eko with little success, but Sybil I got down rather quickly. In my opinion, Sybil should be one of the first cuts learned by any new cardist.


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