Your first flourish?

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  1. 4 Sybil, from Dangerous lol... Don't even know the original sybil ;b
  2. 1st Flourish

    Mine was Static. Took me a couple of weeks to get it at the speed I wanted to do it at.

  3. I learned the Sybil from the cuso and the alvy cut.
  4. MY first was the rotation cut. Thanks Allan. :)
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    Not really. My first flourish that I was happy with and truly thought looked awesome was clueless1 by Fiddlingsteve; I learned a lot of stuff before that but they sucked.
  6. Well Sibyl Of course. nowadays I can do it Extremely fast
  7. Cobra Cut back in 2002...first thing I learned is still one of the hardest things to this day haha.

    -Andrei Jikh
  8. Cobra cut Is Hard?..I thought it was pretty easy.The hardest Flourish to me is the WTHHTS 3 By Brian Tudor
  9. I don't remember. But I thing it was a thumb fan or one hand fan. :)
  10. The Charlier Cut. Can't get anymore basic than that. xD
  11. I think it was the molecule4 false...
  12. I don't think I could even do that... ha ha.
  13. Charlier and Thumb Cuts were the first cuts I learned, and the Sybil was the first two-handed cut. I gave up on the Thumb Cut because my thumbs were too short, but I picked it up now (two and a half years later) after my thumbs got longer. Sounds weird, but it's true.
  14. The Riffle Shuffle.
  15. My first flourish ever was the Charlier Cut, but my first more "advanced" flourish was False Sybil - which is still one of my favorite flourishes to this day.

  16. My first flourish was, like Jack The Magician, the Charlier Cut.
    My first two-handed cut was the Jackson Five.
    Although I don't count the Jackson Five a flourish itself; I consider it a "sequence of flourishes"
    Madonna 3, Sybilism, Skatercut, etc.
    Well, that was the first sequence I learned.

  17. believe it or not, my first flourish was 7axophone, my friend learned it and taught me right away, and I got it down with a lot of practicing...But my first "flourish" that was easy or barley even considered a flourish was charlier cut
  18. I think most of our's was a charlier cut, including mine.

    My first 2 handed flourish was sybil. Now im obsessed with it and making variations to it.
  19. My first flourish was the riffle shuffle.

  20. My first flourish was molecule 4 from the trilogy

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