your strongest impromptu card tricks! !

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  1. your strongest impromptu card tricks! ! Do like a top 5 list.
  2. I'm a cardist but I do have 1 favortie trick to perform anytime. It's C3 by Paul Wilson
  3. The 5 that i'm using most by random order :
    2 CM.
    My own version of Ultimate Transpo.
    My own version of ACR.
    Haunted Deck.
    Card to Pocket/Phone or something like that.
  4. Impossible - Larry Jennings
    Triumph - Dai Vernon
    Amazing Prediction - Harry Loraine (Though it does require a slight set up but can be done quickly without suspicion)
    That's it - Eddie Fechter
    21 Card Trick - Bill Malone's 3 stage effect in Malone does Marlo Vol. 3
  5. Almost all my card tricks are impromptu, in my opinion putting the work in beforehand makes your job easier when it's showtime. I'm a full time pro, and that's always worked for me.

    Elias Caress
  6. Calen Morelli - Clench
  7. While I'm not able to do it as of yet, but I think Raise Rise is amazing!

    But for the time being, I always have a deck on hand to do Joel Paschall's 'Ace Cut'
  8. ACM: I never knew it could hit so hard until I showed it to real laymen! Also great heckler fooler.

    Two Card Monte: Very good, my signature trick.

    Chicago Opener: Also hits quite hard, especially if you ask the spectator to hold the different backed card. I usually burn the back instead of using a blue/red backed, it the guy is a smoker it will be more fun.

    Colour Changes, in the hand changes: Hits hard. Depends on do I want to go visual or do I want the trick to blow their minds.

    Sometimes I'll prepare it right under the spectator's noses.

    Doc Daley's Last Trick: Awesome. Sometimes I'll even do Greg Wilson's weighted aces.

    Search and Destroy (Aaron Fisher): Usually I'll start with a quick sandwich routine first.

    Gemini Twins (Bill Malone and Gregory Wilson): Depends on my mood; if I want to bet I'll use Greg's, if I want to tell a story I'll use Bill's.

    Three Card Monte: Great for shutting up hecklers and suckers.
  9. Sorry I meant ACR

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