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  1. Hey Guys. I just got a zombie, and the gimmick is giving me trouble. Like it hurts my finger. Which finger do you guys use, and how do you guys start your routines? Thanks. Also do you do it with patter or as pantomime?
  2. I wrapped my gimmick with medical tape and ended up just scrapping the gimmick and making my own that has two things for your fingers to give me better control on where the ball goes.
  3. Yeah, I actually have both the one finger and the two finger gimmick. Any advice on making a routine?
  4. what is that trick? can someone could post a link?
  5. I put it on my thumb. and hold the cloth between my index and bird finger.
  6. Search on youtube. It is a classic trick. It works for stage as well as close up. It is commonly known as the Zombie Ball.
  7. Try wrapping a band aid or two around the finger gimmick. It will provide some padding and make it fit snug.
  8. I use my middle finger and slide it into the gimmick so that the straight part of the gimmick is resting against the top side of my finger. That frees your thumb and index fingers to hold the foullard.

    As for presentation, check out the L&L Zombie Ball DVD. The L&L DVDs are great because they show and explain routines by several pros.

    In my routine (which I do as part of a childrens' show), I introduce the ball as "Z" and explain that I've been teaching Z to dissappear. The routine is based on me trying to get Z to disappear and Z doing everything but what I tell him to do (like peaking out from behind my back when he is supposed to have disappeared). It gets great reactions because by focusing on the disappearing trick, the audience doesn't question how Z can levitate. Also, every move has a justification in the context of the routine.

    Make sure you do more than just levitate the ball. There are a lot of moves you can do which dispell the method.
  9. Thanks to all of you for your advice. I'll keep all of it in mind when I construct my routine.

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