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    What classifies as Underground?

    Underground magicians are the ones who are performing their own hard hitting effects NOW, then decide to release them 10 years later. Example: how many people have heard of Chad Nelson 6 to 10 years ago? in my opinion, not many until recently with clipshift.
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    A new card control

    Nice control although i think i know the method after watching the clip. Frankly i reckon this would be something like what Lee Asher would have thought of....very angle sensitive but cheeky. And yes i believe the card sticking out is the card shown BUT you CANNOT turn your palm face down to...
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    Cool Off Tudor

    brian tudor is like the 'MS-DOS of card flourishing'. Sure he contributed to modern flourishing but everyone's using 'Macintosh or Windows Vista/ XP' now. sorry lame analogy but all you smart guys should get the drift.
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    Cyril Takayama

    Cyril's a fantastic performer. Great skills and showmanship. His charisma and presence separates him from the others. I remembered his bare-handed miser's dream type of effect where the coins just flow out of his hands like waterfall! Very visual and definitely looked like real magic.
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    My Collection

    Any serious student of magic should have Roberto Giobbi's Card college series and Darwin Ortiz's Strong Magic. No offense to you but i would REALLY be impressed if your library only had those 2 items that i mentioned rather than a list of fillers. Cheers!
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    Anything easier than Trilogy

    You don't want to buy them? Why? Please don't let me answer that for you. It seems like you just want to learn 'tricks' and not magic. Don't get caught up with the flourishy flashiness of the trilogy effects because they are definitely not basic card effects for the beginner. It takes lots...
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    Card Magic Without a Double Lift

    This was a big concern when i was starting out do effects that required the DL. The only thing i could do was to practice harder and made my DL more 'natural'. Before i was dead sure and confident that i was able to do DLs without thinking about it, i did dai vernon's triumph and some packet...
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    Five Speed - Chris Kenner

    Sleight_of_Hand i know exactly how you felt. Then again i try to put myself in the specs' position. If magicians can be fooled by kenner, then imagine what goes through our spectators' head after seeing an ambitious, a monte then finally a KICKER! Their minds have no place to hide!! They'll...
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    Five Speed - Chris Kenner

    hi youngd94, Don't know if you own the effect but in my opinion, the effect is exactly as what your quote says: Simple! Good review too!
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    YouTube Magic

    To quote Chase 'Wow...just wow'. It seems that you have a bad habit of talking down to people when they disagree with you or criticize you in some manner. I still stand by my original post stating you lack personality and also grace. ..and to assume Chase realize it as a joke reflects not...
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    YouTube Magic

    Hey Chase why are you apologizing? In my humble opinion, morgician owe you one! No matter how much we disagree or have differing viewpoints, cursing at family is just plain wrong. That's just low EQ! Becoming a better magician AND a gentleman, go hand in hand together.
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    YouTube Magic

    oh wait, better reply to this thread lest i get the hairdryer treatment from you,Morgician! :) And you know what? i totally AGREE with morgician but there really is nothing anyone can do about kids posting half-baked tutorials/performances on youtube. The 'self-realization' or 'maturity' to...
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    YouTube Magic

    '.killing you and your entire family...then impregnating every women you ever wished to be with...but don’t worry – he will name all the illegitimate kids after you...before round house kicking them to death.' Woah take a chill pill! There is no need to curse that guy's family, even if he...
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    "Street Magic" in Germany by TimurY!

    Very very entertaining! Your performances clearly show the amount of practice and work you have put in. Much respect to you. Keep on astonishing!
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    More Flourishing than Ever?

    wow jakeh quick reply! To me flourishing is easier because one need to only focus on finger dexterity. But for magic, it's so so so so much deeper than that!! dexterity/ sleight (make it look natural or invisible), psychology, patter, presentation, eye contact with the audience, focus pull...
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