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    Is this a good idea?

    Sometimes the best tricks are the ones that go wrong. There are so many examples of that here.
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    Top 10 Card Tricks With No Gimmick

    ChristopherT, I love reversals! They are some of my favorite tricks. MyReality, They are: The Phantom Card [my impromtu version] "Mind reading" ACR I only sadly have three that I love to perform.
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    Is this a good idea?

    You said it like it is. I believe the same. I work with cards mostly as well. But I am just wanting to know more of a variety of tricks with different stuff.
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    Best way to reveal a spectator's card

    It's actually pretty simple to have them cut to their card. I just can't reveal it here.
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    Is this a good idea?

    Reading these make me think [and I'm sure other people thought], ''What if my favorite trick goes wrong [which is crazy man's handcuffs, and pulse, with an impromtu phantom card]? I need an out.''. I came up with one for Crazy Man's Handcuffs after having this happen: When I was pulling the...
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    Is this a good idea?

    I actually just thought of it bringing back my si steben's story.
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    Is this a good idea?

    I was once performing the Si Steben's stack one time, and the spectator completely ruined the stack through the wrong cutting sequence. Unfortunately she already selected and remembered her card. But I monologued a bit to make her forget her card, and even remembering she selected one! So...
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    Best deck

    Sorry. Wasn't paying attention. Okay well, I like the charity water deck, artisans, and monarchs.
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    Magic or Cardistry?

    rocket92 says it the way I was going to say it.
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    Practice more, and make sure when you do the pass, that the spectators view is panoramic, not focused.
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    Is this a good idea?

    Clarify further with ''how do you want to make it?''.
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    Need help!!!!!!!!

    I am currently learning to play classical guitar which I need nails for on my right hand. Is that a problem with cardistry? Will the nails get int the way and not allow me to perform the flourishes with ease?
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    Is this a good idea?

    I have an idea. What if we create a thread where magicians can post stories about there ''mess up and fix'' trick situations? It would be a good source for motivation. If someone is looking for what to say in these cases, he could post his question on the forum, and maybe get some good answers...
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    Best deck

    They are the best.
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    Zoso change

    So good! Keep it up!
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