1. A

    Silent performance help

    Hi! I've started learning magic a couple of weeks ago. At first, it was kind of a disaster. My favourite kind of magic was always slight of hand card magic and I decided to stuck with that. I practiced a lot at home, but when I tried to perform I was very sloppy. The thing is, while I was...
  2. Wkirk1467

    Decoy by Eoin O'Hare

    Is decoy worth the price? How durable is it? How much will this trick fool the audience?
  3. V

    "Let me see the card", double lift help.

    Hi! So when I title this double lift, I don't need help with the actually double lift, I need help after it. You see, the whole point of the double lift it to make the person think that the card your holding is there card, but almost everyone I show, asks to see the card, and you can see where...
  4. EranOzsarfati

    Submitting a Magic Trick

    Hello fellow magic enthusiasts, Quick question: When submitting a magic trick for the market, at the beginning do I submit the actual trick, the explanation or both? Thanks in advance. Here is the actual page:
  5. EranOzsarfati

    Trick Submission

    Hello dear magicians, I have a sincere question. I want to upload a trick to the Theory 11 market and my idea was originally made in Americas Got Talent. I changed some parts of it but essentially its the same. I was wondering whether it has a possibility to be approved, otherwise I don't want...
  6. F

    Routines with the ultimate three card Monte cards

    I have these gaffs for some time now but have never used them fearing that in this modern age ppl might figure it out or they already know abt these cards, so was wondering if anyone can share some routines that were released that used these carda
  7. StandardPhase

    Card Design Preference.

    Hi, im new here and wanted to ask what type of card design people prefer. Im making a project for my design class, i need opinions so i can actually make the deck then hand it in. So, do you like: clean designs like Virtuoso / or / complex designs like Monarchs? do you prefer: clean full...
  8. J

    Joseph's Sandwich trick (performance video) for theory 11's marketplace!

    My Trick for Theory 11's Marketplace!
  9. S

    So slippery.

    Hi .. I m new to pro card decks.I bought couple of Bicycle / SteamPunk / ... decks.But every deck has some oily material (may to protect card and reduce friction.) But also impossible me to do even a normal grip. cards fallout, moving though deck,.. Is there any way to remove this oil easily ...
  10. d_llusionist


    I am 23 years old. I have only been studying for about a months time. I started with card magic because I feel as though it is more intricate. Begin with the more difficult things, then everything else will be easier. I'm based in Temecula , CA. Which by the way has NO other magicians but one it...
  11. lolhammertime

    Where to make your own deck?

    Hello people! I want to make a deck customized to my own liking, and I already have an idea on it, I just need to know a website where I can have it printed. Also I want to choose the stock, cut, and finish. And lastly, it needs to have capability to do custom faces. Is there any existing...
  12. D

    Will Using a Porper Card Clip on Some Monarchs Ruin the Embossing?

    I was told that a Porper card clip was good and would keep cards safe and straight, but will they ruin the embossing on the Monarch Deck's box?
  13. TheUrbanViral

    [ASK] How to Impress a Girl With Magic Trick

    Hi everyone, I just recently viewed some tricks from Indonesian Magician who did a magic trick to confess love to Indonesian Famous Actress and another cool trick to get girl's phone numbers, and I'am very curious to know how he did the tricks. These are the videos : So anyone could tell...
  14. D

    Need a tip for the classic pass.

    I'm learning the classic pass, however, the bottom card on the top pile which you pivot keeps slipping across the right edge of the bottom pile. Can you think of any tips that will help me stop that? ~DB
  15. Gabriel Z.

    Show and Tell

    Hello All, I was just wondering if anyone is interested in a thread of show and tell. All you have to do is post a picture of the most important part of your magic life and in a sentence or two explain why. I'll start. This is a painting of a Jack of Clubs(my favorite card), I...
  16. CharlieNevers

    Effect name!? (Spinning card)

    Hey guys, before you start telling me 'Pirouette flourish' or 'boomerang spinner'. Theres this trick thats been on youtube and instagram a lot recently. Heres a summary: Card is selected, signed. Placed faced up or down (marked?) and the an ace or joker is span around in the entre, stopping...
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