1. K

    The New Triumph. - Killer Trick

    Hi Guys, I have uploaded a short video with no cuts to youtube of my New Triumph. Would love to get some reactions - Enjoy!
  2. L

    Routine for school, help

    Hey everyone, Just joined the forums and am in need of some help. In a weeks time, I am performing at my school in a street magic kind of style and environment. I am needing some advice on how to put tricks together, what type of tricks to put after another, and what kind of things to open and...
  3. sk1ndeep

    Book Recommendations

    With the work I am doing at the moment, I get quite a large amount of private down time, which has been an absolutely wonderful opportunity to make my way through books. I have read my way through all the so called "requirements" (RRTCM, EATCT, CC, Lepaul etc.) I'm looking for something that's...
  4. HopMan3000

    Best Tricks Under $10

    Hello, I was wondering what y’all think the top 5 downloads are on T11 for under ten bucks, preferably card but any work. Thanks. Hopson :)
  5. sk1ndeep

    Top Card to Bottom Colour Change?

    Are there any nice colour changes that involve moving the top card of the deck to the bottom - with the bottom card being the one that changes? I know there is a basic one that is explained in The Royal Road, but after learning it, I question it's practicality.
  6. sk1ndeep

    Resources for Magicians in Warsaw?

    So I've scouted the internet endlessly for the past few days, and I know this may be a long shot; I am going to be staying close to Warsaw for the next few weeks, and was wondering if anybody knows of any magic shops in the city. (or nearby) If not specifically a magic shop, then ideally...
  7. Antonio Diavolo

    What deck do you primarily use?

    For me, over the past few years I've just used standard Bikes since I bought a brick of them at Costco and am just now running low. I know most gaffs and gimmicks are made using Bikes but I don't use gimmicks (other than the Invisible deck and an occasional double backer/facer) often enough for...
  8. T

    Where can I learn this card fling?

    Here's a gif of the fling It's from Chris Ramsey's vid with Franco Pascalli The BEST Brick of Playing Cards?! Where can I learn that fling? It looks like he is just pushing the top card with his first finger so fast that it spins around the middle finger. Is that all there is to it? I've been...
  9. O

    Face to Face

    I was just wandering what peoples views on the trick face to face poker was and how they perform it, just to see different styles of performing the trick.
  10. T

    Whats the best way to steal the bottom card?

    Hey guys. I've finally gotten good at a spread control (DMB Spread Control 2.0) and I'm thinking about using it for a quick card-to-pocket effect. Whats the best way to steal the bottom card and where should I learn the move? I've tried buckling into gamblers cop but I could find a video or...
  11. N

    Which cards is better?

    This one or this one I love plastic and waterproof playing card but i dont know if the amazon one as quality as the walmart one because on walrmart it don’t have the free shipping so i’m asking you which is a better choice for long-term use
  12. Karo-K54

    Faulty Mechanic's Grip

    When I usually handle cards, my index is placed on the right side and not in front. I've fixed this, but it pops up consistently in moves like the pinky count, cardini (not sure if that's the right name) and top shot. Will this restrict me from improving and make my sleights sloppy? Is this...
  13. Winger


    The link should load at the trick, if not it starts around 11:20 Does anyone know this trick, have a link to where I can learn it? Its is pretty solid. Thank you!
  14. CardMagicNJ

    ACR and Contractors ????

    Hey youssss what's going on from Atlantic City New Jersey !! So I have been a custom natural stone tile contractor for over 18 years and a inspired practicing I repeat I repeat practicing LOL card card magician for nearly a year now. I mean I just straight-up fell in love with magic not the...
  15. mexican nanny

    Interpretation on S.W Erdnase

    Hey guys I know that this may seem a bit stale simply due to the fact on the mass amounts of threads around this topic. I have looked through the many threads but I just wanted to ask you guys on your own interpretation on the author this is for a presentation i'm doing on analysing other...
  16. Karo-K54

    Best Way to Get a Break under Two Cards

    Many magicians preach getting a break before double lifts instead of doing push-off doubles or strike doubles... At least, the ones I know. But some magicians may use one method, another might be taught in a magic book, and another might be judged as too inefficient or beginner level. What's the...
  17. Karo-K54

    How Long Does a Deck Last?

    I use bad quality, half-dollar, Chinese decks. They last around two months before they go stale... I want to buy a good Bicycle brand deck to do better flourishes and so that I don't need to invest in cards every once in a while. How long does a Standard Bicycle deck last? And what about "Bee"...
  18. Karo-K54

    Chris Pratt Slap Trick Creator

    Chris Pratt (the actor, not the late Magic Circle member) performed a magic trick on the Graham Norton show. I know exactly how it was done, and have actually performed it with some of my own variations, but is there an inventor to this trick? I realise that it is not really a sleight but rather...
  19. K

    Card tricks requiring memorization/calculation skills?

    So anyone knows card tricks which require quick calculations or memorization for performing? I kind of want to practice mind skills rather than only sleight of hand... Where can I find some source on those kinds of tricks?
  20. M

    Tagged by Richard Sanders

    Hiya, I live in the UK and I bought Tagged by Richard Sanders, it came with a gimmick card and dog chain. Moving forward I would like to use different cards to force and go on the chain. I would like help from those who have or know this trick as I don't really want to give it away. I was...
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