1. Verocity

    Having trouble finding the right deck?

    everyone has different taste in cards... I started out using Bicycle Cards, now I use the Virtuoso SS16 deck... If your having trouble finding the right deck, or your just starting out in cardistry, go for Bicycle. Its cheap and not bad for flourishes. What Cards would you recommend?
  2. kleigh

    Best Color Change?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any incredible card color changes they could share, as color changes are easily my favorite effects to perform while doing card magic. Yesterday, I purchased Change of Heart by Shin Lim, and have been practicing the second change taught in the download...
  3. K

    Are there statistic on most picked cards by spectators? Where can I find it?

    Hey guys so whenever you ask a spectator to say a card out loud some cards are more picked than others, so I was wondering if there are any studies on the most picked cards like... A table with order of most picked ones or something like that. Any place where this stuff is discussed?
  4. GuitarStrings

    Spread and Square - Has it been done?

    Spread and Square - by GuitarString Hello fellow magicians! Recently, I've developed a new card trick and I'm planning to create a tutorial out of it (Also, this would be a first video tutorial and magic performance). However, I am not sure if this trick has been done by others or not. Are...
  5. N

    Dynamo Card Trick

    I am open to constructive criticism.
  6. KoryB87

    Loading Cards

    Hey! So I’m new to magic, started 3 months ago, and I picking it up surprisingly fast! The only thing that’s really stumping me is how to get a signed card to appear in like a fruit or bag of chips etc..... I’ve seen them do it on agt but it’s easy to just have a card with a copy of one of the...
  7. N

    3 Card ultimate monte

    Hello everyone! I'm Ante,i come from Croatia! I am 27 years old and doing magic for 10 years. This year i decided to make my youtube channel. I need feedback how to improve my video quality and how to get more viewers. Thanks
  8. Keo_M

    Oh Snap Card Control

    IDK, just felt like showing off a little. Been working on the snap deal as taught by Lennart Green for about a year, would love some advice for those who use it or know about it. Thanks in advanced!
  9. K

    What should you tell a spectator

    so when im performing to some audiences they ask me how the trick is done which is natural right? Well i was performing to this audience of around 4 people performing david blaines sandwich trick and he kept pestering me to tell him how it was done and wouldn't leave me alone at which i had to...
  10. U

    Card change on the table

    does anyone know the lecture ( or maybe downloadable video) that explains how to change a card on the table? I remember seeing a trailer where this guys put the card on the table and with the wave of his both hand, the card appears to be changed..but tbh i can't remember.
  11. K

    Unloading a sandwich

    Hi guys Settled on some patter for a fairly standard sandwich trick. Won't bore you all with it now but basically the pair of cards 'hunt' the card the spectator selects. Nothing particularly ground breaking there I know. I was thinking today it would be a nice second stage to then 'unload...
  12. leumas1960

    Theory11 Card Durability

    Considering the rigors of cardistry, how durable are the cards sold on Theory11, and which ones are the best overall? I want to buy some decks eventually, but I need to know how well they hold up, I regularly do springs, under pressure/fan, Lepaul spreads, one-handed shuffles, and faros, so I...
  13. V

    Short cards

    I have been making and using short cards in almost every one of my decks for 4/5 years now, and have come up with some (I believe) novel uses, aside from the usual key-card placements etc. Are there any resources for learning more short card techniques? I'd like to learn some more. I've...
  14. J


    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help for this idea I have for my school graduation. My principal does not believe that it would be possible to do a card trick in such a large venue as a church (more than 200 people possibly) and won't accept my idea. I just wanted to know if you guys think that I...
  15. T

    An Amateur Cardist Calling For Help. (Info in Desc).

    Hello all, I am writing this because I need 3-4 cards. I want them to have custom Royals, Maybe custom Aces, a nice unique design, blank cards, double back cards, and other gaff. I also want them to be very visual. It doesn't have to be 4 cards, if maybe 1 had it all. This is for my birthday so...
  16. J

    The One that Got Away

    I've recently been looking into all kinds of videos, forum threads, magazines and guide books. Anything that could explain an amazing card trick I saw in a you tube video about 2 years ago. It crossed my mind after watching some great card tricks recently but I can not seem to find the video...
  17. S

    Music for Youtube Performance (Invisible Palm Technique)

    Hey guys! As I posted on the other thread, I started my channel this week on youtube with already one performance in there. (as you will be able to see in the link bellow) Before I go to do the street performances, I want to start by doing some home performances with some "suspense" music. On...
  18. E

    Does Anybody Know the Name of This Effect?

    Hello all! I’m having trouble finding a mentalism effect I saw advertised on a video a while back (probably on YouTube). It was a mentalism card effect where the spectator thought of a card and the performer was able to read the spectator and tell them what card they thought of. I understand...
  19. SplitSpades0

    David Blaine's Torn and "Matched" Card

    Hi there everyone, I'm sure that most people on the forum are familiar with the version of torn and restored that David Blaine has performed on his numerous magic specials. I'm not looking for how to do that. I'm interested in knowing where he learned the torn card trick that he performed on...
  20. Ben2__Ben2

    Counterfeit advice

    Does anybody have advice on the best cards to use for Counterfeit? I'm practising with cheap toy shop cards and the tears are often 'fluffy' which makes the 3rd restore temperamental - it works, but a sharper tear would better for when I'm ready to go public.
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