Does Anybody Know the Name of This Effect?

Jan 3, 2014
Hello all!

I’m having trouble finding a mentalism effect I saw advertised on a video a while back (probably on YouTube). It was a mentalism card effect where the spectator thought of a card and the performer was able to read the spectator and tell them what card they thought of. I understand that’s extremely vague, so let me fill in some extra details: in the video, the performer used an actual deck of cards to reveal the thought of card, but if I remember correctly, you didn’t actually need a deck to perform it, because the method was to legitimately read the spectator. I remember a few aspects of the script. The performer told the spectator “if your card is a red card, I want you to visualize the red pips bleeding out until the entire card is covered in red”. He also said “if it’s a black card, imagine the black pips disappearing one at a time”, and he snapped his fingers repeatedly as he said this. I don't recall what he said to get the value of the card.

At the end of the video, I remember him doing the effect to two spectators at once, who ended up thinking of the same card. It wasn’t a separate effect or anything; it was just a neat coincidence they decided to include.

One last detail: although the effect was advertised in a video, I believe the actual effect itself was sold as a book. This may or may not be right.

Do any of these things ring a bell to anybody?
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