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  1. MagicofKeelan

    Unread by Keelan Wendorf

    Hey everybody! I’m looking to release a new effect soon to the Marketplace called Unread. This is an effect I have been working on since 2015 and it involves the use of social media. It’s a fun mindreading effect that also can help you get followers. Currently still waiting on it to be approved...
  2. S

    If you believe in Psychics

    What's good yall, I have a few questions I am curious about. 1. Are psychic readings considered magic? 2. What is your biggest problem with paid psychic readings? 3. If you do or don't believe in psychics, why or why not?
  3. BlakeBN

    Mind reading with watches

    Ive always been interested in the different tricks such as the timeless watch, infinity watch, etc, all those mind reading with watches effects, I was just wondering if there’s anyway to do that other than buying a the more expensive effects, I’ve heard and seen many ways to do it with...
  4. C

    Stage hypnosis as part of your act

    Does anyone use hypnosis as part of their act? I recently tried a "no trance" dual reality effect and it killed. I'd love to hear other ideas for effects you use can hypnosis/psuedo hypnosis with. Here's my brief guide for some of the essentials of a stage hypnosis show...
  5. C

    "Ahead"- ebook Review (Jose Prager, Peter Turner, Luke Jermay)

    This whole ebook revolves around the one ahead principle so you can bet your life savings that each routine requires at least two answers so you can be ahead. Knowing that each effect requires a one ahead, you can probably get a jist of how Luke and Jose’s effects are done. Peter’s effect is...
  6. C

    Review: The Book of Angels- Fraser parker

    I love the book, very well written and I like Fraser as a magician. The effects are awesome and really can look absolutely impossible. It’s amazing what illusions you can appear to create in the audiences' mind with the power of subtle language and clever wording. The downsides for me are that...
  7. M

    Is Female Mentalist Rebecca Herrera Too Pretty to be in Magic?

    Is this the age of female magicians? If so, this is GREAT. Rebecca Herrera fooled Penn & Teller on episode 7 of 'Fool Us' - She becomes the first British female to confound the big guys of magic - - - The effect was original rather than a copy so I was extra impressed. Unfortunately, the...
  8. B

    Scan3D by Promystic!

    This is an amazing tool, I just got it. It allows you to do an amazing killer which hand routine, and a spike cup routine, and anything that's magnetic. I have a question for the which hand routine So I plan on doing a 4 round which hand routine with this. Obviously, I will be able to tell...
  9. B

    How do you think this amazing Rock Paper Scissors illusion is done?

    Interesting actually, I'm beginning to think it's statistical or something, maybe not related to magic or mentalism??
  10. C

    Is #rebelmentalism works? Please reply

    Guys I wanna Learn mindreading, hypnosis, influence in mentalism. Please tell me if it really works https://rebelmentalism.com
  11. E

    Does Anybody Know the Name of This Effect?

    Hello all! I’m having trouble finding a mentalism effect I saw advertised on a video a while back (probably on YouTube). It was a mentalism card effect where the spectator thought of a card and the performer was able to read the spectator and tell them what card they thought of. I understand...
  12. D

    Is this original enough and would you pay for this?

    I wanna publish my first effect on the market, but I'm not sure if it's original enough and I can't decide the price for it, it's basically an imaginary which hand routine, here's how the effect goes : The first three phase is just guessing where the imaginary coin is The first one, I told them...
  13. C

    Left eye lie Opinions?

    Has anyone ever noticed someone looking towards your left eye when lying ? Do you believe this means they're lying ?
  14. CharlieNevers

    Magnetic Spike!?

    So I have Sixth Sense 2.5 after literally a year of consideration and the guess which hand is great...but now I want to play Russian roulette with a spike. I'm aware of the scorpion, but believe a spike is more natural...can someone please tell me this: Where can I get a magnetic spike/nail...
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