signed cards

  1. L

    I'm trying to find a method that allows me to duplicate signed cards. Help?

    I'm trying to find a way to duplicate signed cards, either during the performance or before the performance, maybe using some sort of dual reality. If you had any sort of suggestion or places I could look that would be great. Thanks
  2. ScwallerCards

    The Logistics Behind Signed Cards

    Hello! I've been doing magic for a little while, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert, yet. I only do card magic, and I am not very good at using other props. I have seen how much of an impact having a spectator sign their card can have, and I'm going to start including it in my routine...
  3. Wkirk1467

    Incomplete Deck Ideas

    Some tricks I create or perform require me to destroy or make cards unusable. I am always left with partial decks that have no use to me. I hate to waste good cards but have no idea what to use them for. Any ideas?
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