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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. yeah just found it it is.... *has heart attack*
  2. lol.

    I still put money on what I said before
  3. Someone send me the second video. No ****ing rickrolls:mad:
  4. Awesomeness!
  5. Just watched both videos... The second one definitely confirms one of the artists but does anyone know what's up with the binary? I translated it and got the same thing from the first video...
  6. Seconded

  7. When will theory11 tell us what propaganda really is?
  8. I could hope that because of the military reference that's it's a USO tour in Iraq/Afghanistan but I doubt it.........
  9. God, the second video is hard... :)
  10. You for got to put Dangerous and Exile in there.
  11. no he didnt reread it better
  12. Yes, I've seen the second video.

    It is without a doubt, that person. I don't wanna say anything but there's one extra tell-tale sign.

    Found the next clue. Too bad I suck at b****y.

    -Sam H
  13. I hope its not just propaganda, check out a spanish dictionary ;)
  14. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that both videos confirm the artists... By the way, Sam, check your PM's
  15. I haven't read all the pages, but I have read a few. From the ones I have read, I didn't see Doug Mckenzie mentioned anywhere. It could have something to do with him, as his initials are DM. Everyone just seemed to be thinking Daniel Madison. I am just throwing out another idea.
  16. I haven't found the second video, can someone please PM it to me?


  17. Everything has been in the same place so far
  18. Ok I saw the second video.

    So far we have: six pictures, two videos, and some cryptic words.

    I bet the DVD will have AJ and Daniel Madison, and be about card tricks. But I"m not saying I think it's a DVD, that's just the word I plugged in to represent whatever this is.
  19. in the first video there is a number secuince dose anyone know what it means
  20. binary. google up binary decoder. In the first video it just says XIII and Propaganda.
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