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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. I'm having trouble finding the videos. Where are they? Wow i suck at finding clues....
    PM me
  2. Andrei is in some sort of Rifle drill team:http://decknique.net/forums/thread:3794
    So yes, it's him in the picture, look at the hands and tell me they aren't Andrei's (I can recognize certain people's hands) Of course my eyes may be wrong, who knows? Joel Pascall might be doing the padiddle.... And someone else read this entire thread and tell me this will be a magic dvd, I need the laugh.
    And congrats sinful, on having the most fanboi post of the year.
  3. Actually, it flashes roman numeral 13 twice. No idea why...
  4. Im confused where are these hidden videos in the post can someone help me?
  5. Pawns, nothing but pawns..
  6. ? [ word count ]

  7. i'm just as lost as you...
  8. What does T-Pro mean??? i'm taking a guess and saying t11 and propaganda but why wouldn't it be t11-propaganda...

    i've only got the 2 vids and 3 pics (not including the obvious one on the forum)
  9. Hey

    Has anyone found the third hidden vid?
    I have
  10. I'm sry

    I'm sry, i feal bad i didn't find a third vid. i'm sorry to mislead you. But thats what magicians do, trick you
  11. I Figured it out very simple if you think about it.

  12. Ok, I haven't been on this thread in a while, and now things are looking like people are actually getting somehwere, and people found videos!!!!
    You guys are way too good at this stuff.
    If anyone wants to PM me with some info I'd be very pleased, oh, and I'm very good at knowing when links are Rick Rolls, so don't even try :p
  13. Alright I think Im fairly caught up but I am still missing things. I have found three hidden images and 2 hidden videos. Can anyone help me out with a PM? I know one pic others found was a flag of some sort but I haven't found that anywhere. Thanks.
  14. This is quite interesting, he is wearing a suit with Air Force Junior ROTC ranks (captain) along with AFJROTC ribbons, and whrilling a card on the finger tip. This is it!
  15. In the second video, you see Daniel Madison . . . I think he's coming out with a new DVD.
  16. I cant find anything, can someone please give me a link to a video??? im rubbish at these things...

    so if anyones gonna pm me... ;)
  17. yeah can some one send me the third video

  18. I don't think there is a third video. Can someone confirm that they have seen it?
  19. From what I have found, there is not a 3rd video. Of course, its very easy to miss something.

  20. Yeah guys, I think we're all just waiting... We know what the binary means so maybe this is just me, but I think that the number that's from the translated binary is either the date of the release or the date of the next clue
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