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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. No, I just typed a bunch of random words and it ended up being the definition for propaganda as seen on wikipedia dot com.
  2. Couldnt what Andrei just said then, also be Propaganda?
  3. Maybe, but I doubt it.
  4. You never know. ;)

  5. So is this entire thread/treasure hunt PROPAGANDA???
  6. Maybe its all a concpiracy and there really is nothing. Maybe Andrei, DM, and JB just enjoy playing with our minds up to the point of madness.

    I BeLieVe that this will soon start a RIOT and we will all begin to Panic because of all this PROPAGANDA. Trust me... I'm a Prophet that way. I can tell when things aren't going to remain under Control. I'm a Witness to many things I have predicted. I believe the Distortion of what is PROPAGANDA clues and what isn't will soon destroy us all. *Sigh*. I feel eXiled because I'm the only one who believes this. Soon we will all Digitally Dissolve into nothingness as we die trying to figure out what PROPAGANDA is. This Thread is starting to become really DANGEROUS. This is so dramatic it should be made into a 3 movie Trilogy about how we tore our lives apart, but restored them when PROPAGANDA was finally shown in all its glory it. We will call it... TnR.


    edit: I give myself post of the year for this post.
  7. nice, you deserve it!
  8. There is some subliminal messaging in the message by Sinful above. It is hidden very well, like a new treasure hunt.

    And I agree that that may be the post of the year.

  9. Best post ever

  10. Check out my new sig!
  11. Thank you. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention at the end of my post.... No pun intended.

    Anyway, back on topic of the treasure hunt. ;)

  12. Haha, I originally thought that this was Theory11 just messing with us. This thread was only Propaganda.

    As far as I know Jerry is the only one to publish the Padiddle flourish.

    Therefore, the next T11 artist is...... Jerry Cestkowski! :p

  13. Fat chance.
  14. DM=Dug Mackenzie?

    think about it we just added him as an artist because he has one 1on1 so far. When we havent added Jason England, B.Smith, and Dan Hauss,
  15. Anyone else find the second hidden video? Think I'm beginning to have some ideas as to what this is...

  16. damn i suck at these can some one help me!
  17. hence the :p
  18. Yup, I just saw it. It confirms 100% who one of the artists is. You can't mistake that profile.
  19. New artist? New DVD? Hmmm.... Cerca Trova my friends. :)

  20. Ok come on this isn't even fair...
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