1-on-1 // Shifty - Rising Card by Chris Kenner

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    Well, first off, I'll have to say that this is a great effect! It is very fun to perform and even practice! Chris Kenner is a great teacher and goes over the routine fairly well!

    The download

    Well, the download first starts with some hilarious CK humor! He always knows how to make you laugh. He then proceeds to perform the effect. He goes over kind of how he came across this and some past ways he performed the effect.


    Chris Kenner explains this very well and tells you just how to get the card to rise. The camera angles are great and you should have no difficulty trying to figure out some of the finger positions. No trouble here!


    The difficulty of this trick surprised me. It is a very easy trick! Although it is a little knacky, due to the odd position of some of your fingers, it can be done by most of you guys. My advice would be to just re-watch the download a couple of times to get the right feel of the cards.


    The angles are pretty fair on this trick. With lots of practice, I would say the angles are about as good as a Herman Pass. I wouldn't do it surrounded, or with people to your extreme left. The BEST angles I would say would be to your right and in front of you!


    I was very happy with this purchase, and I plan on using it in my performence! :D Shifty can be used alone, in an ACR, or even as a closer of an ACR. It's impromptu and gimmickless! The card can be signed. Also, you have the deck in the same order at the end! I recommend this product! 9/10 rating! Thanks for reading. :)
  2. Thanks for the review! I'm definently going to buy this now.
  3. Nice review - what are the angles like? I'd imagine they're not brilliant, but as long as it's not a "one on one only" trick I think i'll pick it up.
  4. Good question. I'll put it up there!
  5. Great review man! Quick question. Is it impromptu?
  6. Yes! There is no gimmick or duplicate card or ANYTHING! It's great :D
  7. Is this the same as S.W. Elevator from Totally Out of Control? It looks the same...
  8. Certainly looks like it :D Man... I'm tempted to pick it up just to see how it's supposed to be done etc. *tuts to self*... Maybe another time.

    - Sean
  9. No sir... easier...
  10. I think its a great method and the video was very good except i really wish Chris would have talked about noise and the alignment of the cards after the "move" cause those are my biggest problems while practicing it.
  11. So it's different? Is that verified? :eek:

    - Sean
  12. Yes. He even says that this is different that the variation used in TOOC
  13. Interesting... Thanks. :)

    - Sean
  14. I've actually done the original handling for about 5 people once, it's really a great trick if you give it the right presentation. Angles aren't too bad, and any flashing that might occur goes unnoticed because all focus is on the out jogged selection. Only really sensitive spot is the view opposite from which you hold the deck (right for left handed and vice versa). =]
  15. Nice review mate

    I might pick this one up in a few days......
  16. The effect in TOoC is "Elevator".

    "Shifty" was actually published in Gary Ouellettes release The Pass

    Good book. I suggest it. Tons of passes and Im pretty sure Lee Ashers "Ashers Twist" was in there as well.
  17. I'm having a lot of fun learning this. I definitely recommend it.

    I would say the teaching could have covered more, but hey what can you do.

  18. I agree. If anybpdy has any tips on the sound issue, please p.m. me.
  19. The sound is a result of pressure. Chris explains it on the video pretty well. Slow it down also ....practice it til you find your spot then work on it from that point.
    I have not had a sound issue with this in several years.

    Hope that helps without giving anything away.
  20. So when doing the move, hold the deck looser? Chris doesn't go over sound in the video.

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