120+ hours and no answer

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  1. I've been waiting since Thursday morning for a reply to the effect I submitted to the Wire. What could have gone wrong?
  2. Hey!

    Sorry about the delay! The weekends can cause a delay in submission approvals occasionally. Rest assured, the guys on the approval team will get to your trick as soon as possible. They are reviewing videos as we speak.

    Have an awesome day!

    // L
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    edit: nvm, I got an email now :)
  4. Nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information. Keep it up. :)
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    Great! Keep posting threads like this, eventually the Wire team will stop promising 72 hours. They need more time to review the submissions and until they admit it and change the program then we need to be vocal with how long it is taking.

    Lyle, it says nothing about the weekends when submitting. If this is the reason then it would be helpful to know about it before hand :)
  6. Yep, its been more than 72 hours for me too. Isn't the email meant to be automated?
  7. Hey Josh, we're doing our best to get to as many submissions as possible. I believe I got in touch with you and responded pronto as soon as you messaged me. We also sent an email with regards to your submission, I think you may have missed it at one point. Out of the thousand or so Wire submissions we've done so far, we feel we do our best to stay true to that promise but we are human and we will of course make mistakes.

    Like always, if there's anything urgent, please contact me at andrei@theory11.com and I will personally take care of it! Thank you.
  8. ~144 hours =/

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