2 New Gimmicked Card Tricks - Stunners!

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  1. "Deep Clear" by Paul Harris

    Paul Harris' Deep Clear is the culmination of Over 20 years of experience with his original Deep Astonishment concept.

    Deep Clear has a dramatic new gimmick and new structure. Everything about Deep Clear is faster... Easier... more convenient... and more open (your spectator can even shuffle her cards).

    Deep Clear is an authentic PH masterpiece exquisitely designed to be your transcendent last-gasp show-stopper.

    Comes complete with ready-to-use gimmicks and USPCC deck of cards.

    "Legacy v2" by Jaime Badman and Colin Miller

    Legacy is the kind of trick we search for as magicians. It's self-contained, can be carried with you at all times, and is engaging from start to finish. Your audience gets to know YOU and YOUR MAGIC during the effect.

    The effect is simple: a story of your grandfather's greatest magic trick, performed using his original props. You remove a poker hand from his old wallet and have someone think of one of the cards in the hand. You then show that even from the grave, your grandfather knew exactly which one the participant freely picked.
    Easy to do
    Includes all props (including the custom leather wallet)
    This is a blockbuster effect that you will be proud to carry with you.

    Package includes wallet, cards, and video instructions.

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