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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jason Soll, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. What is kicklight technology? Can't wait btw
  2. Sounds awesome, but just as copperfield14 asked, what is this New Kicklight technology??? (we asked at basically the same time, sorry)
  3. woah looks pretty sick. can't wait
  4. I still don't get what kick light is so these are free tutorials starting Monday and will use a new teaching form per say and the versions between youtube and theory 11 theory 11 is clearer?
  5. Can't wait, I look forward to watching (and hopefully learning) the 1 card sybil production.
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    You Luka, and CC all posting on the same day!

    Well I can't wait for the videos man, I look forward to them =)
  7. And only one of them is giving back to the community by making tutorials:eek:
  8. Haha, how did I know you were going to say that =P
  9. reminds me of Devo.
    The editing and what not. Espcially the big explosion thing revealing his name.
    Dont take it the bad way though.
    Love that card production.
  10. I loved the explosion because it reminded me of the MacGyver opening sequence. :D
  11. I still wanna know what the Kicklight technology is. If it's going to 'revolutionize the way we learn from videos' - it must be something big, new and bold that no-one's ever tried before...

    Care to reveal? :)

    -Sam H
  12. UPDATE:

    The video for the C_M_C Cut tutorial is now complete. The Kicks for the video are now in production. The tutorial will be officially released later in the day today.


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